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Dragon Soaring Over the World, Strike while the Iron is Hot | Globe New Material International Starts the Year of the Dragon with a Bang!


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The firecrackers sound in unison, welcoming a good start. On February 17, the eighth day of the Dragon Year, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dissipated, a noisy sound of firecrackers sounded the horn of Global New Material International 2024 Spring Festival start. The new journey has begun, the attitude of struggle has been fully opened, and all the staff of Global New Material International return to their posts with great enthusiasm, with full spirit and high morale to go all out for a “good start” in the Year of Dragon!

At the start-up ceremony, Zhou Fangchao, vice president of Global New Material International, on behalf of the company and Chairman Suertian, sent a New Year blessing to all the staff and made an important speech. He said that looking back on the past, we have been fearless and bravely; looking forward to the future, we will still ride the wind and waves and forge ahead. The new journey has begun, and the grand blueprint has been drawn.2024 is a key year for the company to achieve the goals and tasks of “internationalization and collectivization” operation planning. I hope everyone will unite as one in the new year, work together, with the spirit of dragon spreading across the world, indomitable resilience, and leading momentum, contribute wisdom and strength to the realization of high-quality development of the company, providing customers with more excellent products and services, and create greater value for shareholders and customers. “Buzz” sounds a good start, writing a new wonderful!

After the ceremony, Zhou Fangchao and other company leaders distributed New Year red envelopes for all employees, wishing everyone a good start, encouraging everyone to continue to struggle and take the momentum on the new journey, with a new attitude and full spirit, to meet 2024, writing a new chapter.

Dragon soars with the spring breeze, struggle is in season. The lively firecrackers sounded through the clouds, and the red firecrackers were everywhere, meaning that Global New Material International will be prosperous, thriving and unstoppable in the new year. In the sound of blessings and laughter, all employees quickly returned to their respective posts, and carried out the work of the new year in an orderly manner, which started a good start and a good step for the company to achieve high-quality development in 2024.