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For Printing: Effect Pigments from Chesir

Importance of Material and Technology

Excellent packaging design helps to enhance a product’s attractiveness and highlight its functions. Therefor, the designer should incorporate the materials and technology with effect pigments to create an eye-catching styling. To get a better and matching design, he/she should also take the material properties, the print technology, the print color, the pigment into consideration. The later implementation phases are also important for the whole designing process to make sure that the planned design is achieved.

The Right Pigment for You!

Chesir’s effect pigments find wide application in screen, flexo, gravure, offset coating and offset printing. The effect largely depends on the thickness of the ink layers. The thicker the layer, the stronger the effect. The application of Chesir products can be different according to their particle size and properties.


Printing is everywhere in our life, on wallpapers, cosmetics, furniture, books, packaging, etc.. Look for effect pigments that do more than just add color? Chesir ‘s effect pigment portfolio is all you need. It offers a wide options for styling and promotes the attractiveness of products packaging with their excellent properties. They are born to help customers to meet the market requirements, quality standards, and to follow the trend.

Screen Printing

Chesir’s effect pigments can improve the silk-like shimmer or shine on cards, papers, and fine foils. They can even be used on special materials such as textiles or other materials. All effect pigments form Chesir can be applied in screen printing.

Flexo Printing

With their high quality, Chesir’s effect pigments can be used in flexo printing for designs in cosmetic and food packaging or many other materials, showing incredible effects.

Gravure Printing

Chesir’s effect pigments can produce good color layer thicknesses and smooth printing images, which enable it to be greatly suitable for gravure printing and show incredible effects.

Offset Coating

Effect pigments for offset coating can help you to make designs in different materials. To make sure the best effects and get a defect-free printing, you need to select the proper etched rollers and photopolymer plate.

Offset Printing

Offset printing uses thin paint layers, therefore only a small amount of effect pigments can be used in this area. Effect pigments from Chesir is well-suited for this printing process with its particle size up to 25 μm.


A high quality impression will arouse customer’s purchasing desire for a product. That’s why there is an increasing demand for print products made through refinement with premium properties. Chesir’s effect pigments provide you with a wide range of high quality effect pigments which will allow you to create products with distinct features.

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