Effects pigments refine thermoplastic plastics

Plastics is widely used in almost every area in our lives, such as toys, daily necessities, packaging, etc.. They enhance a product’s attractiveness with an appealing design and a highlight of its function. Effect pigments are usually applied in producing thermoplastic plastics. Chesir effect pigments can offer you pigments with layer substrate to refine these elastomers. The use of luster pigments helps you to get a stunning surface with excellent tactual and visual characteristics.


Unlimited variety of styling in effects

Chesir presents you a wide portfolio of effect pigments with unique and different effective styling. These pigments, featured with strong functionality and various colors, can be used in many different plastic types. The different pigments you choose will show you different luster effects. While the final effects also depend on the properties of the thermoplastic plastics the pigment used in. Incredible luster effects will be created in materials with good transparent, translucent and opaque properties.


Versatility of functional pigments

Today’s plastic products are more appealing and colorful with the development of modern pigment technologies. This change endows effect pigments with more practical merits. For the sake of security, Chesir’s effect pigments can provide you with a system solution to protect your products and brands.


Chesir has a wide range of portfolios of performance materials effect pigmentsAll of them are widely used in plastics industry. They incorporate colors with effects and arouse your design inspiration with their shining performance. Effect pigments make your products special in this competitive world and highlight the functionality of your products. Whatever effects you want, they can provide you with an endless options for color concepts.

Effect pigments find their wide applications in almost every field in plastics, from daily necessities to automotive components, giving everything a eye-catching luster. They enhance the competitiveness of your products.


Innovation and Security

Chesir’s effect pigments consist of a perfect combination of innovation and security. Their remarkable effect comes from a delicate layer-substrate structure in which transparent and platelet-shaped substrates are coated with particularly thin layers of metal oxide. The use of Chesir’s effect pigments can present you an attractive outlook of plastics with special luster and unique color effects. Chesir’s effect pigments are environmental-friendly and they give color a new dimension!

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