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Chesir Launches Second Phase of Pearlescent Material Factory, Adding New Momentum to the High-Quality Development of Global New Material International


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On February 2, Global New Material International held a grand unveiling and production commencement ceremony for the second phase of Chesir pearlescent material factory. Yang Yi, Deputy Secretary of the Luzhai County Committee and County Mayor, along with Global New Material International’s Executive Directors and Vice Presidents Zhou Fangchao, Jin Zengqin, Bai Zhihuan, and Vice President Dong Wenta, attended the ceremony. Leaders from collaborating banks, distributors, suppliers, and employee representatives were also present to witness this milestone moment.

With the announcement from Mayor Yang Yi that the production of the second phase of Chesir pearlescent material factory is officially underway, the four automated production lines on-site were fully activated. Boxes of new products rolled off the production line under the guidance of robots.

The construction project of the second phase of Chesir Pearlescent Material Factory is a significant project in Guangxi and falls under the “Double Hundred and Double New” project category. Spanning an area of 220 acres, with a designed annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of pearlescent materials, it stands as a leading global factory in the industry. The factory’s design revolves around the core concepts of “intelligence” and “green development,” utilizing next-generation intelligent pearlescent material production equipment. Its main focus is on producing high-end pearlescent effect materials for automotive strong weatherability, cosmetics, and special functional applications.

The new factory features an intelligent mica processing production line, a cosmetics-grade product production workshop, an integrated control and management system, and intelligent warehousing and material transfer systems. The production process is controlled through intelligent systems. Adhering strictly to the national “green factory” standards, the factory boasts highly integrated systems, precise process control, real-time online recording, detailed process traceability, and visualized data. This approach facilitates more convenient and standardized management, supporting further optimization of production, cost reduction, increased efficiency, and aiding the company’s high-quality development.

In his speech, Zhou Fangchao expressed gratitude to party committees, governments at all levels, shareholders, partners, and friends from all walks of life for their concern and support for the company’s second-phase factory. He stated, “The commencement of production at the new factory marks not only a new starting point but also a driving force. The company will leverage this as a new starting point, fully utilizing our technological, strategic, scale, and brand advantages. We will deepen our presence in the fields of pearlescent materials, artificial synthetic mica, and new energy materials. Through continuous strengthening of independent research and development capabilities, product quality improvement, scientific capacity planning, and refined production management, we aim to provide customers with more advantageous, higher-performance products, empowering local economic development.”

Following the production commencement ceremony, attending guests toured the factory construction achievements, experiencing the charm of the intelligent factory up close.

Since its listing, Global New Material International has consistently adhered to a development strategy that emphasizes both “internal development and external expansion.” The unveiling and production commencement of the second phase of the Pearlescent Material Factory signify a substantial step in the company’s internal development, indicating an all-encompassing enhancement in technology innovation, product research and development, production management, and market development. The launch of the new factory will further propel the development of related fields, providing a more stable and reliable production capacity guarantee for high-end pearlescent effect materials in automotive strong weatherability, cosmetics, and special functional applications, injecting strong momentum into the company’s high-quality development.

“As the tide surges, encouraging progress, and the wind favors unfurling sails.” Global New Material International will leverage its strengths, focusing on technological innovation, precision marketing, and lean production. The company will continue to introduce innovative products and technologies to meet the growing demands of consumers, accelerating its journey toward becoming a leading global enterprise in surface performance materials.