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Global New Material International Held the First Quarter of 2024 Operation Work Conference


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Recently, Global New Material International held the first quarter of 2024 work conference in Shanghai. The conference deeply studied and judged the current market situation and industry development trend, comprehensively studied and deployed the key tasks of the first quarter of 2024, and ensured the completion of the annual targets. The chairman and chief executive officer of Global New Material International, Su Ertian, and the company’s senior executives and the management of Chesir attended the conference.

The conference discussed and exchanged the company’s key work in the first quarter of 2024, the key tracking project situation, and how to better promote the market operation work. The conference deeply analyzed the current market environment and the changing trend of the competition pattern of the industry, and made specific deployment for the next operation work. The conference also made relevant deployment and plans for the key tasks in 2024, such as how to promote the construction of Chesir Phase II and Hangzhou Tonglu project, talent introduction, product innovation and development, cost reduction and efficiency increase, external business expansion, information system construction, headquarter’s function construction.

Su Ertian, chairman and chief executive officer of Global New Material International, pointed out that in the face of the new situation and new tasks in 2024, we must anchor the goal, promote stability with progress, seek progress while maintaining stability, consolidate the main business, improve operation and management efficiency, enhance the momentum of professional development, build a solid foundation for sustainable development, accelerate the internationalization process, ensure the orderly progress of all work, and go all out to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter.

Timely encouragement is timeless. The beginning is related to the overall situation, and the start determines the future. The first quarter is a key period to achieve the annual development goals. Under the strategic guidance of “endogenous development and extension expansion”, Global New Material International will focus on key goals and tasks, innovate and work hard, forge ahead, promote a good start in the first quarter, and boost the company’s high-quality development to a higher level!