Corporate Profile

Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. (the company) is a wholly-owned domestic subsidiary of Global New Material International Holdings Limited (stock code: 06616.HK, GNMI). The company is a national high-tech company mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of pearlescent materials, synthetic mica, new energy materials and inorganic nonmetallic materials. The company is in a leading position in the industry and has been awarded many honors and titles such as “National Green Factory”, “China Top 500 Most Valuable Brand”, “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise” and “Home of Model Workers” of ACFTU, etc.

The company undertakes the key basic new material – synthetic mica project of National Ministry of Industry and Information’s project for enhancing industrial foundations. It owns the leading key core technologies of synthetic mica, pearlescent materials and new energy materials and dozens of core patented technologies. The company has developed pearlescent materials and synthetic mica products of various grades, totaling more than 1000 types from 8 series under 3 categories, including industrial grade, weather-resistant grade, and cosmetic grade. Our products are widely used in various fields such as coatings, vehicle topcoat, cosmetics, aerospace, military industry, anti-corrosion of ships, plastics, ink, ceramics, leather, building materials, 3D printing, anti-counterfeit, seed pelleting, etc. Currently, the company has advanced pearlescent material plants and high-quality synthetic mica plants and outperformed its counterparts in terms of production scale. The Chesir Phase II project, which is one of Guangxi’s “Double Hundred and Double New” industrial projects and a “Guangxi Major Project”, has been put into operation in February, 2024. The project enjoys outstanding performance in operation costs, production efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, and intelligent manufacturing. The company is committed to building it into a benchmark project of the pearlescent material industry.

The company has a world-class R&D team led by professors and doctors, and has established close Industry-University-Research cooperation with institutions such as Zhejiang University and Hubei University Of Technology to jointly promote research in new technologies, products and applications of pearlescent materials, synthetic mica, and new energy materials. Relevant projects have been certified as province-level enterprise technology center and engineering and technology research center.

In January, 2023, GNMI successfully acquired the world-renowned Korean pearlescent material producer CQV (stock code: 101240. KS). The acquisition greatly increased GNMI’s global market share, enhanced its market influence and consolidated its leading position in the area of surface performance material. The company has established a marketing network covering major countries in the world and exported products to more than 100 countries and regions.

Committed to the core values of “innovation-driven, client first, sustainable development, employee development, integrity, commitment to excellence”, GNMI focuses on providing intelligent and highly-efficient technological solutions through continuous innovation and high-quality service, driving a greener and more sustainable future across industries. Our goal is not only to become an industrial leader, but also to serve as an important force boosting social and environmental progress.