Corporate Profile

Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production, research and development and sales of pearlescent materials and synthetic mica. The company’s comprehensive strength ranks among the top of the industry in the world, and has been awarded”Guangxi Top 100 Private Enterprise Manufacturing”,”Guangxi Most Potential Private Enterprise”,”Guangxi Gazelle Enterprise”,”Guangxi Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”,and”National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”,”Gold Award of Guangxi Invention and Creation Achievement Exhibition and Trade Fair Project”, “Guangxi Famous Brand Product”and many other honors.

The company is the undertaking unit of the artificial synthetic mica project, a key new foundation material of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s industrial strong foundation project.It has mastered the core technology of leading pearlescent materials and synthetic mica, and has more than 30 invention patents and industry qualifications. The technology center of the company has a world-class R&D team led by professor Fu Jiansheng, an internationally famous expert in pearlescent materials. Jointly built a “postdoctoral workstation” with Peking University, cooperated with Tsinghua University, Guangxi University and other universities in industry-university research, and jointly established the “chesir Pearl New Material R&D Center” with Hubei University of Technology, the company was identified as the provincial “enterprise technology center” and the municipal “pearlescent material engineering technology research center”.

The company has a relatively complete series of pearlescent materials and synthetic mica products, covering high, medium and low-end levels, including three categories- industrial grade, weather resistance, and cosmetic grade, with a total of more than 800 varieties. Its products are widely used in coatings, automotive finishes, cosmetics, aerospace, military, ship anti-corrosion, plastics, inks, ceramics, leather, building materials, 3D printing, anti-counterfeiting and many other fields, and have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Chesir always uphold the mission of “dedicating high-quality products and creating beautiful colors for the world”, and adhere to the corporate values of “Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Harmony”, with the spirit of leading everywhere and driven by scientific and technological innovation, in order to enhance the pearlescent material quality standards in an all-round way and expand the new situation of the pearlescent material industry, and create a better experience and higher quality value for customers!