Leaders’s Visits
Tonglu County Mayor Zhang Huina Led a Team to Investigate the Tonglu Project of Global New Material International


classification:Leaders’s Visits

Recently, Zhang Huina, deputy secretary of Tonglu County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and county Mayor of Tonglu County, led a team to investigate the Tonglu project of Global New Material International, conducted in-depth investigation and precise guidance, promoted the project construction to run out of “acceleration”, and also added confidence and power for the local development of enterprises. Zhang Suping, member of the Standing Committee of Tonglu County, member of the county government party group, and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, attended the investigation, accompanied by Jin Zengqin, vice president of Global New Material International.

Zhang Huina and her team went deep into the project construction site, learned about the preliminary planning and construction progress of the project in detail, and carefully inquired about the needs of enterprises. She said that Tonglu County will continue to strengthen the guarantee of elements, do a good job in the preliminary work of the project, and hoped that the government and enterprises would “unite as one”, communicate more, cooperate more, and ensure the early completion, early production, and early effect of the project.

Global New Material International Tonglu project is planned and constructed in accordance with the concept of “high-end, intelligent, green”. After the project is put into production, it will become the world’s leading research and development and production base of surface performance materials and high-end equipment. The project is the “future engine” of Global New Material International to seize the commanding height of the industry and optimize the strategic layout, and also the “key game” of the enterprise to achieve the strategic goal of “becoming a leading enterprise of global surface performance materials”. Meanwhile, as the chain leading enterprise, Global New Material International will also vigorously boost the local new material industry to grow and gather, and accelerate the development of new quality productivity.