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Together we can make a great leap forward |Global New Material International held the 2023 Annual Ceremony


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On 12th January, 2024, Global New Material International held a grand annual ceremony with the theme of “Striving for Prosperity with One Heart and Soaring Together”. More than 1,500 people, including the members of Global New Material International’s company: CHESIR, CQV and other companies, as well as the representatives of Su Chuan Technology, Softcen Co.,Ltd., Korea Kglass and other sister companies, the company’s shareholders, representatives of banks and securities companies, dealers, suppliers, cooperative units gathered together to share the fruits of the development!

Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global New Material International, made a comprehensive review and summary of the overall work in 2023.He said that the year of 2023 is of great significance to Global New Material International, the company unswervingly pushed forward the development strategy of “endogenous development and epitaxial expansion”, adhered to the market expansion and lean operation, constantly committed to product innovation, increased the layout of the international market and made significant breakthroughs, and the major work has continuously taken new steps and made new achievements, writing a remarkable chapter! The company has taken new steps and made new achievements, and has written an extraordinary chapter!

In 2023, under the guidance of forward-looking strategic planning, the company has been market-oriented and customer-focused, continuously ushering in new market space with high-quality products and services, stepping into the fast lane of development with leading innovation capability and technology level, steadily improving its operating results, and continuing to maintain a high-quality development trend. The company’s globalization layout has taken an important step forward, with the globally renowned pearlescent material enterprise CQV joining the international family of Globally New Material and deeply integrating in various aspects such as market, R&D, products and supply chain, initially demonstrating a good synergy effect. CHESIR’s second-phase annual output of 30,000 tons of pearlescent material project will be completed and put into operation soon, the Hong Kong headquarters office from Neich Tower to China Resources Building. Tonglu, Hangzhou, the Asia-Pacific headquarters and an annual output of 100,000 tons of surface performance materials project are in full swing and are about to start construction. The continuous construction and implementation of major projects have supported the company to move steadily towards the goal of “becoming a leader in the surface performance materials industry”, and a healthy and promising ecological picture of “surface performance new materials industry chain” has been gradually formed. Our company has also successfully developed and upgraded more than 120 new high-end pearlescent material products and put them into the market, continuously bringing more new experiences, new values and new choices for users. At the 2024 Dazzling Color Renewal New Products Conference, the company launched 5 new products and technologies leading the industry development trend as well as 10 popular colors of the year in one breath, which gained a great response.

Hard work also harvested the fruits of harvest, in 2023 the company has won the “National Green Factory, China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands, Guangxi Industrial Enterprises Quality Management Benchmark, Liuzhou May Day Labour Award (Chapter)” and other honors, and once again passed the certification of “National High-tech Enterprises”.

Su Ertian said that 2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a key year to achieve the goals and tasks of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and a key year for Global New Material International to achieve the goals and tasks of “Internationalization and Collectivization” operation planning. Global New Material International will continue to adhere to the development strategy of “endogenous development and epitaxial expansion”, promote the coordinated development of all business segments of the group, and strive to reach a new level.

Time favors those who struggle, and starlight live up to the passers-by, behind every glory, there is wisdom and sweat that are paid silently. On the scene of the annual ceremony, the company presented awards to the excellent team and excellent employees in 2023, thanking them for their hard work and selfless dedication.

In this grand ceremony, there are fine wine, food and wonderful cultural performances, as well as lucky draws, and rich interactive prizes, which will add surprise and joy to the annual meeting. The CQV partners also brought Korean song performances to send New Year’s greetings with their singing. With the drawing of lucky awards, third prizes, second prizes, first prizes and other awards, the company’s leaders interacted with guests and employees, and the atmosphere of the annual meeting was continuously pushed to a climax.

With the beautiful singing, the 2023 annual ceremony of Global New Material International came to a successful conclusion. In the face of the new year 2024, the company will constantly full of vim and vigour, don’t get lost, always be ready and moving forward bravely with the spirit of “headstrong”, forging ahead with the momentum of “creation” and take every step forward, do not slack off for the dream in the heart, and continue to strive for a better future!