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With the theme of “Technology, Fashion, Environmental Protection” | Global New Material International New Products Launch 2024 was held grandly.


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On January 12, 2024, Global New Material International Holdings Limited New Products Launch 2024 was held in Lotus Villa, Liuzhou City. With the theme of “technology, fashion and environmental protection”, this conference released 5 new products and technologies that lead the development trend of the industry, as well as 10 popular colors of the year. This new products launch conference was held online and offline at the same time, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to participate at the same time, and gained a huge response.

Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Global New Material International, Zhou Fangchao, Jin Zengqin, Bai Zhihuan, Executive Directors and Vice Presidents of Global New Material International, Lin Guangshui, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Global New Materials International, and other senior management teams, industry guests, partners, experts and scholars, and media friends gathered in Liuzhou to participate in the grand event, witness the leap of new development and new technologies in the field of pearlescent pigments of Global New Material International, and appreciate the beauty of technology, fashion and environmental protection interpreted by Global New Material International’s new products.

This new product launch conference comprehensively displayed “Titanium-free series pearlescent pigments”, “Iron-based matte chameleon pearlescent pigments”, “Automotive-grade pearlescent pigments”, “Special pearlescent pigments for solar panels” and ” High-end aluminum oxide flake “, which are five series of new products and technologies that lead the development trend of the industry. The products are involved in the fields of automobiles, cosmetics, industry and new energy, etc., providing customers and partners with diversified solutions about color, demonstrating the company’s innovative strength and product characteristics. At the same time, we were communicated with industry insiders face-to-face around the world to discuss future industry trends, and shown the world the achievements and confidence of Global New Material International layout in the global market.

5 new products and technologies were released

Automotive grade pearlescent pigments: full range of colors, “crown-level” visual experience.

Automotive grade pearlescent pigment is as a “crown-level” in the field of pearlescent pigment, due to the high technological barriers, Chinese pearlescent material manufacturers have not been able to achieve systematic breakthroughs despite many years of technological research and development, and China’s automotive-grade pearlescent pigment market has been highly dependent on imports from foreign countries. In 2023, the combination of Global New Material International and CQV achieved a breakthrough in automotive-grade pearlescent pigment technology, becoming the only company in Asia that owns a full range of automotive-grade pearlescent pigment products and technology, and its products have successfully entered into the world’s famous automotive coating companies.

Global New Material International Automotive-grade Pearlescent Pigments adopt a special hydrolysis coating process and the highest quality standards, which have the characteristics of dazzling color, corrosion resistance, non-fading, excellent metallic feeling, and strong chromaticity effect.

Titanium-free series of pearlescent pigments: seeing trends and seeking the change, safe, healthy and fashionable.

Global New Material International is a leader in the technology of titanium-free pearlescent pigments, with obvious pearlescent effects, rich hues, diverse particle sizes, and lusters ranging from soft to extra-flash, providing manufacturers and consumers with rich aesthetic inspiration and extraordinary use experience. This series of products does not contain TiO2 components, which can be widely used in many fields, especially in the field of cosmetics and personal care products, and has good practical value. At the same time, it meets the requirements of EU cosmetic-grade pearlescent pigments, demonstrating Global New Material International’s commitment to sustainable development and the pursuit of environmental protection, as well as a sense of responsibility and mission for the future.

Iron-based matte chameleon pearlescent pigments: customized colors, customized trends.

The new product of Global New Material international iron-based matte chameleon pearl pigment is the first in the industry. The product has the characteristics of soft matte, high color saturation, flexible and changeable, etc., and can be widely used in cosmetics, food packaging, high-end leather, automobiles, high-speed rail, aircraft, industrial coatings, prints, high-end decorative materials, etc., to meet the positioning and life needs of high-end consumers for ” low profile but luxurious”.

Pearlescent pigments for solar panels: Pearlescent empowerment, green upgrading.

The new “low-carbon, environmentally friendly” pearlescent pigments for solar panels developed by CQV, a subsidiary of Global New Material International, are characterized by high reflectivity, thermal stability and weather resistance, as well as optical properties within the solar spectrum, which not only provide solar panels with a better visual experience, but also improve their light-absorbing properties.

High-end aluminum oxide flake: converging energy, cutting-edge technology, cracking the problem of ” Strangle”!

Aluminum oxide flake is not only used as an important substrate for high-end pearlescent pigments, but also widely used in fillers, toughening agents, refractory materials and other fields, with a wide range of application prospects in cosmetics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, military, precision manufacturing and polishing and other advanced high-end fields. But in the high-end flake alumina, due to foreign technology blockade and monopoly, it is impossible to break through the “technical barriers”, which has always been a China and many countries’s “strangle” technology and Asia has been highly dependent on imports.

10 popular colors with the theme of “Shining Stardust, Bright as Stars” were launched

At this products launch, Global New Material International also specially launched 10 popular colors in 2024, including “Flaming Star Pupils, Mirror Image, Sunburst Shadow, Wind of the Phantom Wings, Ever-Lasting Life, Phantom Mountain and Sea Shadow, Creating the Future, Rubik’s Cube of Time and Space, Tides of the Spirit Sea, Reef Coral Nebula”, to start the new year with the colors of shining stardust and stars.

These trend-setting popular colors have both a deep technological context and a sense of color that transcends reality, releasing the freedom of imagination and infinite possibilities, injecting fashionable elements into the products of various industries and giving them vitality and personality, highlighting Global New Material International’s insight into and pursuit of the future trend of color.(Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on Strategic Co-operation of Global New Material International Brand 2024)

This new products conference site also held a co-operation signing ceremony, Global New Material International and a number of brands signed a strong contract and laid a solid foundation for a good start in 2024.