Leaders’s Visits
The leaders of PBC Guangxi Branch and SAFE Guangxi Branch visited Global New Material International for research and guidance


classification:Leaders’s Visits

On the morning of November 16, Zhang Chunguang, member of the Party Committee and deputy president of PBC (the People’s Bank of China ) Guangxi Branch, deputy director of SAFE (the State Administration of Foreign Exchange) Guangxi Branch, led a group to Global New Material International to carry out a research. The group brought the latest foreign exchange facilitation policy to the enterprise to boost their strategic access to the global market. Zhou Fangchao, executive director and vice president of Global New Material International along with other leaders warmly received the research group.

The research group visited the enterprise’s product showroom and corporate culture showroom. They also listened to the reports on the enterprise’s future development planning, foreign trade, collaboration and integration with CQV and overseas investment and financing, and gave high affirmation to the enterprises’ adherence to innovative development and active access to the international market.

Zhou Fangchao expressed his heartfelt gratitude to PBC and SAFE at the district and municipal levels for their strong support to the company’s development over the years. He said that with the strong support of SAFE, the company successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, built a new pearlescent material factory with an annual output of 30,000 tons, and fulfilled the merger and acquisition of South Korea’s CQV, a world-famous pearlescent material company. Meanwhile, its scientific research capabilities, market development capabilities have been improved continuously. Then, the company will continue to push forward its access to international market and forge ahead towards the strategic goal of “building Global New Material International into a global leader in high performance surface materials”.

The research group attached great importance to the demands and suggestions on foreign exchange policies and services put forward by the enterprise, thus they replied on the spot. Leaders of SAFE said that they hope the enterprise to maintain close communication with them in the future and actively feedback the condition and needs of their foreign exchange and foreign investment businesses. SAFE will provide comprehensive guidance services for financial policy and make full use of domestic and foreign resources to strongly support the enterprise’s access to international market and high-quality development.

Leaders including Li Xueqiao, chief of the capital account division of SAFE Guangxi Branch, Guan Chongming, member of the Party Committee and vice president of PBC Liuzhou Branch, Tang Zhiwei, chief of the foreign debt section of the capital account division of SAFE Guangxi Branch, he Ling, chief of the foreign exchange management section of PBC Liuzhou Branch, and Dong Wenta, vice president of Global New Material International, participated in the research activities.