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CHINACOAT 2023| Global New Material International Continued to Enjoy Popularity on the Second Day of the Event


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Highlights for Today

On the second day of China International Coatings Exhibition, Global New Material International [E5.F21] and CQV [E4.F29] booths, still full of popularity, were crowded with customers.Up to press time, we received thousands of old & new customers from home and abroad at our booths, who constantly came to consult with us about our products. After in-depth negotiations with the company’s sales team and technical experts, many customers left their contact information and expressed a clear intention of cooperation.

During the first two days of the exhibition, Global New Material International [E5.F21] and CQV [E4.F29] booths had exceeded expectations in terms of popularity and negotiation results. Therefore, we gained a large number of clients with great interest in cooperation. In addition, through in-depth exchanges and negotiations with customers from various countries, we also learned more details about the market demand and industry, which was quite useful for us to further explore the markets, upgrade our products and promote technological innovation.

The Exhibition runs until November 17th

Stay with us for more highlights tomorrow.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Global New Material International [E5.F21] and CQV [E4.F29] booths!