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Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global New Material International, Won the “Best CEO” Award in the Annual Selection of Zhitong Financial Listed Companies


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On December 19, 2022, the “Embrace 2023 · The Seventh Annual Conference and Award Ceremony of Zhitong Financial Capital Market” co sponsored by Zhitong Finance, China Galaxy Securities and Tonghua Shun Finance was held in Hangzhou. With good performance and outstanding leadership in leading the development of the enterprise, Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global New Material International (Chesir), won the “Best CEO” award.

It is reported that since the first session was held in 2016, the “Annual Selection of Zhitong Financial Listed Companies” has reached the 7th session, becoming the most authoritative selection activity of Hong Kong and US listed companies in the world, and its significance as a wind vane has been widely recognized by global investors. This “Listed Company Selection” activity has been strictly screened for two months. The list of winners is selected according to the performance growth, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence, capital market performance and other factors in the past year, and the corresponding public voting weight. The “Best CEO” award aims to recognize the best CEOs of listed companies in 2022, their professional abilities, and their outstanding contributions to the company’s development and value creation in the past year.

With excellent market insight and development vision, Su Ertian successfully pushed the company into the fast track of innovative development, green development and high-quality development. Facing the new development stage of the company’s successful listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Su Ertian led the company to formulate a strategic plan of “endogenous development and extensional expansion”, focusing on pearlescent materials, synthetic mica, new energy materials and other main businesses, actively expanding the international layout, and leading the company towards a higher level and higher quality development goals. While steadily developing the existing business, he also led the company to actively seek new economic growth points. In 2022, the company made important progress and achievements in tackling key problems of new energy battery materials projects, building a new factory for pearlescent materials in Phase II, corporate governance, etc., and won recognition and praise from customers, partners and the capital market. Since 2021, the company has successively won the honors of the sixth Golden Hong Kong Stock “the most popular new stock company among investors”, Sina Finance “the best new stock of Hong Kong and US stocks”, “the most potential listed company of Hong Kong and US stocks”, small and medium-sized enterprises of the autonomous region “specialized and innovative”, and advanced collective of Liuzhou “implementing the new development concept award”; Sultan himself has also won the “Best Enterprise Leader” of China Financing Award, “Guangxi Excellent Private Entrepreneur”, “Top Ten Private Economy Representatives of Liuzhou City” and other honors.

Su Ertian said that Global New Material International (Chesir) will continue to adhere to innovation driven high-quality development, constantly improve the company’s operating performance and core competitiveness, accelerate the building of a global leading enterprise in surface performance materials, and create greater value for investors and society with steady and rapid growth.