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Strong Enterprise with Talents | Global New Material International (Chesir) Drives High-quality Development of Enterprises with Talents


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“Talents are the first priority of a century’s foundation”, Global New Material International (Chesir) always adheres to the concept of “talents are the first resource” and adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the enterprise with talents”. Since 2021, the company has introduced and cultivated retained talents in an all-round way, gathered talents with a broader vision and more open mind, insisted on “transplanting talents with soil” and “cultivating talents with thick soil”, vigorously introduced and trained international talents, promoted the construction of high-quality talent team of the company to take a new step, and boosted the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Recruiting talents and attracting wisdom to pool new momentum for development

Since the listing of Global New Material International (Chesir) in July 2021, the company has formulated the strategy of “Endogenous Development and Extensional Expansion”, opening a higher entrepreneurial stage. Faced with a broader market space and the need for international business development, more high-level management talents, technical talents and international talents are urgently needed to join in and jointly provide intellectual support for the high-quality development of the company. To this end, the company has introduced a group of high-end talents with overseas background and international vision, laying a talent foundation for the company’s future strategic layout. For example, Mr. Mai Xingqiang, the current CFO of the company, graduated from Queen’s University of Canada and served as the manager of the listing department of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, the accountant of Ernst&Young, and the chief financial officer of several listed companies. He has more than 30 years of experience in accounting and financial management. Mr. Kim Sang pei, the current chief strategic officer (CSO) of the company, graduated from Sogang University, Indiana University and Durham University in Seoul, South Korea. He has successively served as senior analyst and chief consultant of New Korea Securities Research Department, JP morgen Securities Research Department, JPMorgan Chase Group and other investment companies. Mr. Xue Guanheng, the current Managing Director of the M&A Business Department of the Company, graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, and has successively worked in Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Department and other companies. Ms. Tang Zhou, the current assistant chairman of the company, graduated from Busan University in South Korea and worked as a senior investment analyst in JPMorgan Chase Group. Mr. Feng Xiaoxuan, the current investment manager of the company, graduated from the University of Bristol and has successively served as the investment M&A manager and investment director of an investment company in Shanghai.

In the past year, the participation of these international talents with rich and mature experience in finance, investment, operation, technology and other business fields has provided adequate intellectual resources support for the development of various businesses of Global New Material International (Chesirl). In addition, high-level talents in other business fields are also constantly joining the company, bringing together talents from all walks of life, and constantly adding new momentum to the high-quality development of the company. It is believed that like plane trees attract golden phoenix,Global New Material International (Chesir) will attract more talents, and will move to another peak.

Strengthen internal training and enhance endogenous power

While introducing senior talents, the company spared no effort to cultivate internal talents, build a platform for opportunities, innovate and improve the talent appointment mechanism, build a dual promotion channel of management sequence and technology sequence, and publicly select management personnel, so that the innovation and vitality of all kinds of talents can flourish. The company also optimizes talent assessment and incentive policies to give opportunities and space to those who really want to do something, can do something, accomplish something and obtain corresponding returns, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and drive of all kinds of talents at all levels. At the same time, optimize the organizational structure and working methods, streamline redundant positions and processes, create a team with good “vitality”, achieve the training effect of the talent team that is experienced and grown in the work, and build talent support for the high-quality development of the enterprise.

School enterprise cooperation and strong alliance

Global New Material International (Chesir) has also provided further talent support for the company by actively cooperating with universities and other research institutes in “production, teaching and research”, promoting the comprehensive improvement of the company’s research and development capabilities, and significantly increasing scientific and technological innovation achievements and knowledge patents. On the one hand, the company actively participated in various campus talent recruitment activities, and kept in touch and cooperation with colleges and universities all year round, which not only solved the employment problem of college graduates, but also made a good talent reserve for the diversified development of the company. In addition, the company actively explored scientific research cooperation with universities. In September 2021, Global New Material International (Chesir) joined hands with Zhejiang University to establish the “Zhejiang University Chesir New Material Joint Research and Development Center”. With the joint efforts of both parties, the company has built a new energy materials laboratory, and has gathered a group of high-level scientific and technological innovation professionals with high academic qualifications such as professors, doctors and masters to jointly commit to the research and development of formulas, processes, equipment and applications related to high-performance surface materials, synthetic mica materials and new energy materials. At present, the research and development of battery diaphragm materials, insulation materials and other materials developed on this joint scientific research platform has achieved phased results, and has successfully entered the market application stage.

If talents thrive, the enterprise will thrive; if talents are strong, the enterprise will be strong. In the future, Global New Material International (Chesir) will, based on the new stage of development and under the guidance of the strategy of “strengthening the enterprise with talents”, continue to introduce talents externally, explore talents internally, make good use of talents, create a good ecological cycle of win-win cooperation between enterprises and talents, and help the company to take advantage of the new market opportunities and make great achievements.