Leaders’s Visits
Research Groups from the Surveillance and Justice Committee of People’s Congress in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region visited Chesir to carry out special research


classification:Leaders’s Visits

On May 17th, research groups led by Wu Jianxin who is the chairman of the Surveillance and Justice Committee of the People’s Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region inspected Global New Material International (Chesir). Carrying out special researches on optimizing the legal guarantee for business environment, the investigating group listened to the developing demands of enterprises, helped them develop with high quality and provided guidance for production and operation.

Research leaders include Tan Jun and Xie Lingyun (vice chairmen of Surveillance and justice Committee of People’s Congress in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region), Liang Richun (vice chairman of Standing Committee of People’s Congress in Liuzhou), Meng Sen (chairman of Surveillance and justice Committee of People’s Congress in Liuzhou), Chen Xuqin (chairman of Standing Committee of People’s Congress in Luzhai county) and Cheng Rongsheng (vice chairman of Standing Committee of People’s Congress in Luzhai county). Leadership from Chesir and vice president Jin Zengqin accompanied.

The research group went deep into the production workshop, new energy battery materials labs, product exhibition halls and other areas to inspect the implementation of enterprise policies, projects, research and development breakthroughs and operations. Meanwhile, Wu Jianxin had in-depth discussions and exchanges with Jin Zengqin on technological innovation supporting industrial development, achievement transformation, policy environment and future enterprise developing direction.

Chesir was approved by Wu Jianxin for managing according to law, focusing on industry and its major business. Appreciation was expressed for the excellent achievements of Chesir in artificial synthetic mica, pearlescent materials, new energy battery materials and so on. Considering the sound business climate provided by governments at all levels, he encouraged enterprises to seize opportunities, discover their own merits, innovate development ideas, stimulate endogenous driving forces, enhance new development drivers and enhance competitiveness and comprehensive strength. Besides, he stressed enterprises focus on current developing tendency in order to contribute more to the economy and social development in Guangxi.

Jin expressed gratitude to governments at all levels for insisting on the concept of “rule of law is the best for business environment” and carrying out the “Year of Service for Enterprises” activities to continuously optimize the law-based business climate and escort the rapid development. He said Chesir will continue legal construction and keep clear thinking in managing to fully understand policies and properly use them. Whereupon, it can promote comprehensive and high-quality development in research and development, production and management. Chesir will be responsible for overall development in Guangxi and make great progress.