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Jin Zengqin, Executive Director and Vice President of the Company, Attended the Symposium on Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises of Private Enterprises in the Autonomous Region


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On the afternoon of May 11, the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region held a symposium for the heads of small, medium and micro enterprises of private enterprises in Nanning to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on the development of the private economy, know about the concerns of 21 participating enterprises face to face, and discuss together to have a good strategy for the high-quality development of the private economy. Jin Zengqin, the director and vice president of Chesir, was invited to attend the meeting and made a key speech.

The meeting was presided over by the director of the autonomous region, Lan Tianli. On behalf of the autonomous region government, he expressed his gratitude to the vast number of enterprises for their outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Guangxi, and conducted exchanges and discussions with entrepreneurs around specific issues and suggestions thoroughly. Director Lan pointed out that Guangxi’s private entrepreneurs have maintained the fine tradition of sticking to industry and focusing on the main business for many years. It is hoped that private industrial enterprises will continue to improve their core competitiveness, maintain their entrepreneurial spirit, and strive to integrate the development of enterprises into the overall development of the autonomous region. Meanwhile, we can do more for autonomous region’s economic and social development. Director Lan emphasized that in the future, the autonomous region government will further increase support and services for private enterprises with more pragmatic and effective policies and measures, which can better solve their problems and help private enterprises continue to grow bigger and stronger.

In the speech of the entrepreneur representatives, Jin Zengqin first paid sincere respect to the autonomous region government for attaching great importance to supporting the development of private enterprises and building “kinship” and “clean governance” between political and business. And he thanked the leaders of the autonomous region for helping Chesir develop rapidly and list. When introducing the development status of the company, he pointed out that in recent years, Chesir has been making arrangements in many aspects, such as synthetic mica, pearlescent materials, new energy battery materials, etc, which all benefited from the favorable policies and strong leadership. When talking about the current development pressure and predicament of private enterprises, Jin Zengqin expounded on the current outbreak of the epidemic and the obstruction of logistics as examples and proceeded from reality, advising that the government should establish a long-term mechanism for government-enterprise dialogue and create a relaxed tax environment. Besides, the government should also optimize the industrial science and technology policies, increasing support for enterprise transformation and upgrading and “going global”policy. It is hoped that the government will help enterprises in the region to develop on a larger platform. He said that with the strong support of the autonomous region government, the general trend and environment in the future will be a major advantage for the development of private enterprises. Together with other private enterprises, Chesir will firmly seize the new opportunities given by the new era, focus on industry and the main business, work harder to have better performance on running the enterprise. Concentrate on building Chinese characteristics in the new era has made new contributions in the high-quality development of Guangxi.