Leaders’s Visits
Leaders from Luzhai County Visited the Experts and Talents of Global New Material International (CHESIR)


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On the morning of Jan. 27, on the occasion of the New Year, as the director of the Standing Committee of Luzhai County People’s Congress and secretary of the party group, Mr. Chen Xvqin accompanied by Mr. Liang Bin, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Luzhai Economic Development Zone, visited Global New Material International (CHESIR) to express his gratitude to the vice presidents of the company Mr. Zhou Fangchao, and Mr. Jin Zengqin and chief engineer Prof. Fu Jiansheng. He thanked them for their contributions to Luzhai economic and social growth and the development of Global New Material International, sent them New Year wishes and offered them bonus.

Zhou Fangchao is one of the senior talents introduced by Luzhai County. During his tenure as the vice president of Global New Material International, the vice general manager of Chesir and the director of the technology center, he has made significant contributions to the company’s development, reform and innovation by his extraordinary dedication and efforts. As one of the founders of the company, the vice president Jin Zengqin who has been courageous and selfless in the company’s establishment, and growth, reform and innovation, is the indispensable backbone of the company’s brilliant achievements.

Professor Fu Jiansheng as an internationally renowned expert in pearlescent materials has been engaged in the research of pearlescent materials for thirty years. Since he became the international technical chief engineer of the company in 2015, he has devoted himself to constantly developing new base material, improving product process, and upgrading facilities. Meanwhile, he has spared no efforts to cultivate a new generation of technical talents for the company, and teached them knowledge and experience. As such, he has made outstanding contributions to the company’s development, scientific and technological innovation and talent cultivation, etc.

In visiting period, after further understanding of the development of scientific research and the talent team building of the company, Chen Xvqin heaped praise on the company for the great importance to talent team. The company makes efforts to promote collaboration between enterprises through school-enterprise cooperation with a number of universities, speeding up technological innovation by first-class talents. The company will continue to introduce all kinds of outstanding talents in the new year, make good use of talents and technical resources. In doing so, the company will play an active role in promoting the economic development of Luzhai County.

Mr. Zhou, Mr. Jin and Mr. Fu expressed their deep gratitude for the care of Luzhai County Committee and County Government. They said that they would make further efforts under the leadership of the County Committee and County Government and the Board of Directors of the company. Based on their own posts, they will closely connect personal career with the economic growth of the company and Luzhai County. They will go all out to develop the company well, so as to better help enterprises construction and the economic and social development of Luzhai County.

The company always upholds the concept of Talent Is the First Resource, firmly establishes the strategy of making the enterprise powerful with talents. Besides, efforts will be made to keep the road unimpeded to talents and gather talents from all over the world. By integrating the double promotion channels of management sequence and technical sequence, the company works to publicly select managers and unblock the promotion channels, so as to encourage the innovation and stimulate the vitality of all kinds of talents and provide strong intellectual support for the high-quality development of the company.