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“Pearl Shines in Ice-Snow Season” Global New Material International (CHESIR) Launches New Colors for Spring 2022


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Winter sports are sports that challenge the nature, as well as sports that combine speed and beauty. it has injected new vitality to China’s national fitness, China is the the only fast growing winter sports market in the world, The era of China’s trillion-scale winter economy is accelerating. Global New Material International (CHESIR) has a keen sense of smell and keeps close to popular hotspot, discovered the most fashionable colors in the ice-snow season, combined with industry-leading technology, designed and launched 5 ice-snow themed series with a total of 16 new products, colour the most fashionable tide of ice-snow season, combined with industry leading technology, the design introduced five ice theme series, a total of 16 new products. The luster of the new product is dazzling, pearlescent materials shine in the ice-snow season.

The launched new product revolves around the theme of “Pearl Shining Ice – Snow Season”, and the design inspiration comes from winter sports. It not only shows the whiteness, romance, purity and beauty of ice and snow, but also exudes the vitality, passion, optimism and hard work of sports atmosphere. The new product display is in the form of animation stop-motion, through 5 different winter sports, 5 theme colors are integrated into the animation, the combination of dynamic and static is full of fun, the audience feels the charm of pearl colors in the sports.

Glory Gold series

The pursuit of excellence and glory, show the beauty of power.

The design inspiration of the Glory Gold series comes from medals. The golden medal is undoubtedly the highest affirmation of glory and the highest proof of strength. It is the color that countless athletes strive for the whole life, and also the darling of countless audiences.

Snow White series

Not afraid of the wind and frost, showing the beauty of optimism.

The design inspiration of the Snow White series comes from skiing. Athletes cross the slide, jump over the platform, experience countless falls and even injuries, finally complete an incredible action. Their optimistic spirit, fearless of snow and difficulties, is like the beauty of snow, refreshing and refreshing.

Ice Blue series

Break the obstinate ice and show the beauty of creation.

Ice Blue series design inspiration comes from ice sculpture, Ice sculptures have been polished and broken through thousands of carvings, daring to break through the barriers, pure and persevering. It also means that the athletes in the athletic arena are better than blue, and constantly refresh the spirit of breaking records.

Spring Green series

Fly the seeds of dreams and show the beauty of vitality.

The design inspiration of Spring Green Series comes from the youth winter sports. The vigorous young people make this ice and snow world full of vitality with their unique youth vigor. The seeds of dreams are setting sail. It also means the increasingly popular green movement and low-carbon life.

Fiery Series

Mind home country world, show the beauty of struggle.

Jumping on a Fiery series design inspiration comes from the torch flame, “fire” is a micro, but with flame transfer raging fire of hope, at present, in the festival of lights in China, beaming, and a new era of China’s long song bold, confident, China Red inherits the spirit of the era of forging ahead and conveys the light of love and hope.