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Guangxi University Alumni Association visits Caring for alumni business development


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On September 13, Li Gaonan, the director of Guangxi University’s Alumni Office, led the alumni association to Chesir to visit Chesir Chairman Mr. Su Ertian, Vice Chairman Mr.Zheng Shizhan, and Vice General Manager Jin Zengqin. The three alumni working at Chesir and visited Chesir Factory. Mr. Su Ertian, Mr. Zheng Shizhan, and Mr. Jin Zengqin warmly welcomed Director Li Gaonan and the team and expressed their gratitude for the care and support of his alma mater.

Mr. Su Ertian said that the rapid development of Chesir is inseparable from the cultivation and help of his alma mater. During the EMBA study at the Business School of Guangxi University, the high-level guidance of the teachers has greatly improved the individual’s strategic literacy, capital literacy and organizational leadership ability, and has provided support for the successful operation of the enterprise. Since its establishment six years ago, Chesir has completed the stages of construction, commissioning, and market expansion. It has now entered the track of comprehensive development and established a domestically advanced pearl material factory. In the past two years, through the continuous improvement of process equipment and technology, the product structure has been optimized and adjusted to the mid-to-high-end field, quickly surpassing competitors in the industry, and becoming a well-known pearl material company in China.

Director Li Gaonan said that behind the rapid development of Chesir was the unremitting efforts and hard work of three alumni. In the future, the Alumni Association will integrate resources from all aspects to actively support alumni’s personal growth and career development. At the same time, they will strengthen the promotion of outstanding alumni and outstanding alumni enterprises to expand social influence and promote better development of alumni and their careers.

Over the years, the three alumni of Mr. Sultan, Mr. Zheng Shizhan, and Mr. Jin Zengqin have always been concerned about their alma mater and care about and support the construction of their alma mater. Mr. Su Ertian was the former president of the Liuzhou Branch of the Guangxi University EMBA Alumni Association. Now he is the executive director of the Guangxi University EMBA Alumni Association and the executive vice president of the Guangxi University EMBA Alumni Association. Really fulfilling the social responsibilities of an outstanding entrepreneur, leading the alumni association to make a positive contribution to the economic development of Guangxi.

In order to reward the cultivation of alma mater, strengthen the communication and cooperation between the school and the enterprise, and support the talent cultivation of alma mater, Chesir established the “Guangxi University Chesir Reward Fund” in Guangxi University in 2013, which was established and managed by the company at its own expense. It rewards outstanding students with excellent academic performance and aids poor students. Since its establishment, a total of 70 students have received awards and funding.

Guangxi University Alumni Association was established in 1936 and has a long history. With the purpose of “serving alumni, serving alma mater, and serving the society”, it has long been committed to consolidating a global alumni team, building a network of alumni resources for common development, and giving full play It plays an active role in contacting alumni, uniting alumni, serving alma mater, and promoting local economic and social development.