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“Chesir New Materials R & D Center” was officially established in Hubei University of Technology


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After nearly half a year of preparations, the “Chesir New Materials R & D Center” of Hubei University of Technology was officially established on September 25 at Hubei University of Technology. Professor Defu Liu, President of Hubei University of Technology, Professor Dong Shijie, Vice President, Professor Zhang Yepeng, Director of Science and Technology Department, Xiaoling Ling, Director of Personnel Department, Hu Huawei, Secretary of School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Professor Li Xuefeng, Dean, Professor Chen Meihua, Dean of School of Economics and Management Leaders and professors attended the unveiling ceremony together with Chesir Chairman and General Manager Mr. Su Ertian, Vice Chairman Mr. Zheng Shizhan and company technical experts.

The unveiling ceremony was chaired by Zhang Yepeng, director of the Science and Technology Department of Hubei University of Technology. Under the witness of the leaders of both parties, Dong Shijie, Vice President of Hubei University of Technology, and Su Ertian, Chairman and General Manager of Chesir, jointly unveiled the “Chesir New Materials R & D Center” of Hubei University of Technology.

The “Chesir New Materials R & D Center” of Hubei University of Technology is jointly constructed by Chesir and Hubei University of Technology. The existing R & D team consists of full-time professors, doctors and graduate students. Pilot and other experiments. The research and development center has start a number of research topics according to the needs of enterprises.

President Liu Defu of Hubei University of Technology pointed out that deepening industry-university-research cooperation has become a general trend under the background of “two innovations” in the country. Hubei University of Technology is a university with a long history of running schools. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of national and local green industries and the greening of traditional industries. It has a high level of scientific research teachers and good research conditions. The School of Materials and Chemical Engineering has reached the international advanced level in applied research and achievement transformation in the field of pearl materials. As the fastest growing pearl material industry, Chesir is the first listed company listed on NEEQ. It always adheres to the path of independent innovation and development, and takes “leading technology” as the company’s primary development strategy. This is highly consistent with the school’s development positioning. Hubei University of Technology will take the establishment of a joint research and development center as an opportunity to allocate sufficient scientific research resources to meet the needs of enterprise development, strive to develop first-class technical results, and contribute to the improvement of enterprise technology.

At the unveiling ceremony, under the witness of both parties, President Liu Defu personally granted the part-time professor certificate of Hubei University of Technology to Mr. Su Ertian. President Liu Defu said that Mr. Su Ertan, as an outstanding entrepreneur, has successfully built Chesir into a leading pearl material company in China, and has extensive business experience. It is hoped that after Mr. Su is a part-time professor in the school, he can actively use his experience and advantages to give strong support to the school’s discipline development, scientific research, and talent training, and further deepen the exchange and cooperation between the two sides.

Mr. Su Ertian said: He hopes that with the common scientific research platform of the “Chesir New Material R & D Center” of Hubei University of Technology, he will be able to integrate the advantageous resources of both schools and enterprises, give play to the complementary advantages of the two sides, and truly promote the company’s technological level and Talent training helps the company to become a world-leading enterprise in the field of new materials and a model of school-industry “production, learning, research” cooperation. The establishment of the “Chesir New Material R & D Center” is only the first step in the school-enterprise cooperation between Hubei University of Technology and Chesir. To promote the cultivation of outstanding talents. Through the strong alliance and complementary advantages with Hubei University of Technology, it is bound to greatly enhance the technical strength and talent pool of Chesir, create a new situation of school-enterprise cooperation, and promote the company’s development faster and better.