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Chesir Business School conducts safety management training


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In order to strengthen the on-site safety management level of the company’s production teams, enhance safety concepts and management knowledge, and constantly improve the safety production management system, on the morning of February 18, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. Business School launched the 2017 safety production series training The theme is safety leadership. This year, safety production management and training are launched as the key annual work, aiming to improve the safety literacy of all employees

The training was organized by the Human Resources Department and invited industry-renowned safety management experts to give lectures. The company’s general manager Zheng Shizhan, executive Vice general manager Zhou Fangchao, production workshop managers, team leaders, construction section heads and production management department personnel participated in the training.

The training centered on the two major aspects of safety management ability and execution. The lecturer combined his own rich practical experience and gave an in-depth explanation for the students. Open management commitment, establish a reasonable safety policy, establish a responsible system of who is responsible, establish a competent team of safety management, clear safety standards, establish safety goals and indicators, visit the site regularly for safety audits, and pay attention to safety training , Carrying out root cause analysis, preventing major accidents, and formulating incentive measures are all manifestations of excellent leadership.

After centralized training, on-site production management personnel have a deeper understanding of safe production. Mr. Zheng asked all departments and workshops to combine their actual work to further comprehend the requirements of safety leadership, and earnestly implement safety production responsibilities at all levels.