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Team of Liuzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Chesir


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On February 15, Mo Yuhe, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce (presided over the work), Tan Ruijun, Ouyang Wenhong, Chai Saifeng, the head of the discipline inspection team visited Guangxi Chesir Material Co., Ltd. for investigation and sent New Year’s greetings. Zhu Yanwen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Luzhai County Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department ,Mr. Su Ertian, Chairman of Chesir and Vice Chairman of Entrepreneurs of City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zheng Shizhan, General Manager of Chesir, and Jin Zengqin, Vice General Manager, accompanied the investigation.

“The development of Chesir is really changing with each passing day!” Ms. Mo Yuhe accompanied by Mr. Su went to the hydrolysis workshop, pearl laboratory, and calcination workshop for detailed investigation, and praised the current achievements of Chesir. She said that a few years ago, Chesir brought the new industry of pearlescent materials to Guangxi. Now Chesir has 2020successfully listed on NEEQ, successfully opened up domestic and foreign markets, achieved breakthrough development, and achieved such results in just a few years. It really reflects the fighting spirit of the entire Chesir team.

Mr. Su made a report on the work in 2016 to Ms. Mo Yuhe. The past year has been a key year for Chesir ’s innovative development. Chesir adheres to the “innovation-driven” concept, vigorously implements enterprise innovation, and has achieved certain results in technology research and development, product innovation, and application innovation. Driven by the idea of innovation by all staffs, Chesir has also made a major breakthrough in market development-this year, it has achieved a historic transformation of Chesir from input to output and turning losses into profits.

Ms. Mo Yuhe fully affirmed the good performance achieved by Chesir, and hoped that Chesir could not be satisfied with listing on NEEQ. It should adopt a more positive attitude and actively adapt to the needs of the development of the new situation. Talent training to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. In response to the shortage of land in the company’s expansion and development, Ms. Mo Yuhe coordinated the leadership of Luzhai County to increase the support for Chesir spot, and further strengthen and escort the company.