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Chesir 3D Magnetic Pearlescent Pigment Invention Patent Won Silver Award


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In order to commend the advanced and establish the model, according to the spirit of “Working Program of Guangxi Invention and Creation Exhibition Trade Fair” and “Guangxi Invention and Creation Achievement Exhibition Trade Fair Project Appraisal Method”, it was approved by the Organizing Committee of the 6th Guangxi Invention and Creation Exhibition Trade Fair The invention patent of “A Magnetic Pearlescent Pigment with 3D Effect and Its Preparation Method” declared by Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. won the silver prize of the 6th Guangxi Invention and Achievement Exhibition Fair.

Chesir’s award-winning invention has the characteristics of simplified process and good magnetic properties. It is a major breakthrough in pearlescent pigment and is at a leading level in the industry.

3D magnetic pearlescent pigments can be widely used in cosmetics, printing inks, textile printing, shoe materials, leather, synthetic leather, plastics, paints and crafts, etc., which can maximize and change the sensory value of products in these industries, Endow the product with new vitality and competitiveness.