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Chesir Chairman Mr. Su Ertian discusses school-enterprise cooperation with Hubei University of Technology


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On February 14, at the invitation of Hubei University of Technology, Mr. Su Ertian, chairman of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd., and professor Fu Jiansheng, chief engineer, arrived at the campus to discuss matters concerning school-enterprise cooperation. President of Hubei University of Technology Liu Defu and Director of Technology and Industry Division Zhang Yepeng warmly received and conducted in-depth cooperation negotiations with Mr. Su and Professor Fu Jiansheng.

Hubei University of Technology is a key construction university in Hubei Province. It is positioned by the provincial party committee and provincial government as a “high-level backbone university that plays a leading and exemplary role in the higher education system of Hubei Province.” 552 people, 22 national-level talents and more than 130 provincial-level experts. The school has established cooperative relations with more than 80 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Finland, Canada, Australia, Italy, Kazakhstan, and Taiwan. There are 8 joint school projects at different levels, and the cooperative project has nearly 1,300 students.

Chesir is a listed company with rapid growth and leading scale in the pearl material industry, and has the leading ptented technology in the pearl material industry. This time the two sides negotiated school-enterprise cooperation, which is not only the need for Chesir to continuously enhance its technology research and development strength and strengthen the team of scientific research talents, but also the objective demand for Hubei University of Technology to open schools and continuously improve the level of education. President of Hubei University of Technology and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Liu Defu said that Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. has a leading R & D technology and talent team in the field of pearl materials. The cooperation between the two parties can complement each other and achieve win-win cooperation, innovate pearl materials R & D technology and create a pearl materials industry New technological height, thus promoting the development of China’s pearl material industry.

At the meeting, the two sides cultivated professional talents for enterprises on the basis of pearl materials professional training grounds; use the advantages of both sides to jointly build pearlescent materials professional disciplines and create subject professional fields; relying on the strong faculty of Hubei University of Technology to develop joint laboratories and develop pearl materials The upstream and downstream industries and the construction of a complete industrial chain were discussed in detail, and the specific issues for further consultation were also clarified.

Prior to this, Chesir and Peking University jointly built a “post-doctoral workstation”, and established cooperation with universities such as Guangxi University of Science and Technology and Guangxi University. In the first year of the company’s second five-year strategic plan, the school-enterprise cooperation with Hubei University of Technology will greatly accelerate Chesir’s technical strength and talent reserve, and promote the company’s development at a higher speed.