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The leaders of the research group of Liuzhou Municipal Government visited Chesir to inspect.


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On September 28, a research team composed of He Huanquan, a member of the Party Group of Liuzhou Municipal Government, accompanied by the head of Luzhai County, Kuang Qu, etc., inspected the work of Chesir.The Chairman Su Ertian, General Manager Zheng Shizhan and othes of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. C received the guests.

Mr.Su reported the development of Chesir to the leaders of the research team.Since its establishment in 2011, Chesir successfully completed the strategic goals of building factories, opening up markets, going public, and industrial upgrading, and it is constantly striving towards the goal of “world-class pearlescent pigment enterprise”.

In the product application exhibition hall, Mr.He and his team learned in detail about the characteristics, application fields and technological research and development advantages of Chesir’s products, and paid special attention to the development space of Chesir’s synthetic mica and high-end pearlescent pigments.Subsequently, the research team inspected the production site of the synthetic mica workshop to understand the production process of synthetic mica on the spot.Mr.He pointed out that Chesir should take advantage of its own technological advantages, increase research and development efforts, and constantly innovate to ensure the leading edge of technology and create a broader pearlescent pigment market.