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Congratulations 丨 Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. Business School was formally established.


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 On the morning of October 9, the national pearlescent material industry happened a grand event that set a precedent in history——The establishment and opening ceremony of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. Business School was held in Chesir.This is the first pearlescent material enterprise in China to establish a business school, and it will create a new model for pearlescent material technology research and development and the cultivation of highly sophisticated talents.Nearly 400 people including leaders from Liuzhou Municipal and Luzhai County,  entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Liuzhou Municipal and Luzhai County,representatives of customers and suppliers and oters attended the ceremony.

Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. Business School, also named Luming College, the school motto is “seeking truth, innovation, leading”, aiming to provide employees with a full range of personalized ability improvement solutions;build an ecosystem of sustainable human resource value-added to support the realization of corporate strategic goals;integrate the wisdom of Chesir with various universities, well-known experts and scholars of the society, cultivate business talents for the society, promote the overall development of the pearlescent material industry and improve the management of Chinese enterprises.

At the inauguration ceremony, Ma Yaozhou, member of the Standing Committee of the Luzhai County Party Committee and executive deputy magistrate, affirmed the significance of the establishment of the business school.He said that the business school of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. plays the role of corporate culture evangelist, creator of training courses, problem-solving collaborator, and promoter of performance improvement.The establishment of the business school is of great significance to the innovative development of enterprises in Luzhai County, the cultivation of innovative talents, and the promotion of the development of modern industry.He hoped that the business school can operate with high standards, high levels and high quality, serve enterprises and society with first-class faculty strength, perfect training system and innovative R & D spirit.

Li Simin, President of Guangxi University of Science and Technology, said in his speech that the establishment of an enterprise’s business school requires a forward-looking vision and the courage to do practical things.As early as the establishment of the enterprise, Chesir has placed technological innovation and talent training at the top of enterprise development, and successively established “industry-university-research cooperation” with Peking University, Guangxi University, Guangxi University of Science and Technology.Now that the business school is established, it is believed that Chesir will create a new path for broader enterprise innovation, technology research and development, and personnel training, leading the development of the entire pearlescent material industry.

Then a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony was held.Chairman of Chesir and Dean of Business School Su Ertian and President of Guangxi University of Science and Technology Li Simin jointly unveiled the business school.

Mr.Su said that Chesir has a number of industry-leading patented technologies and top technical talents in the field of pearlescent effect materials.The starting point of China’s leading pearlescent materials company determines the historical mission of the business school to innovate industry technology, train and inherit cutting-edge technical talents in the industry.The business school will be a leader in the top technology of the pearlescent material technology industry, a platform for sharing technology resources, and a talent base for the entire industry, or even to transfer all kinds of talents across industries and fields in the future.

At the opening ceremony, Feng Ke, Executive Deputy Dean of the School of Economics at Peking University, gave a lecture from the perspective of globalization, reform and transformation,which named “Research strategy on the impact of macroeconomic and financial situation and policy changes on capital markets (NEEQ) and fintech companies”.His analysis was simple and simple, and the guests and students at the scene said they benefited greatly.

In order to improve the teaching level of the business school and strengthen the professional construction, the business school has hired 12 professors and experts as special professors:


Introduction of Distinguished Professors

Media reports

On October 9, the news of the establishment of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. Business School attracted the attention of the mainstream media in Liuzhou.

On October 10, “Liuzhou Evening News” reported the establishment of  Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd. Business School.