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Chairman Su Ertian made plans for the further development of Chesir’s corporate culture


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In the fierce market competition, the development of corporate culture is particularly critical if companies want to stand out

Under the leadership of Mr.Su, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. has achieved initial results in its corporate culture construction——The company was awarded “Guangxi Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Enterprise”,the chairman was awarded “Guangxi Excellent Socialist Constructor with Chinese Characteristics”,Chesir’s Party Branch was named “Liuzhou City Five-Star Party Branch”,the union has repeatedly been rated as an advanced trade union organization …

On September 16, Chairman Sultian gave important instructions to the further development of Chesir’s corporate culture——After on-the-spot inspection of the work of the “Party Workers’ Group” such as the party member activity room and the “worker’s home”, he affirmed the achievements of the construction of the party branch and the worker’s home, and put forward specific requirements for the future work..

Mr.Su visited the activity room of party member.

Secretary of party branch Zhou Fangchao introduced the construction of the party branch.

Union Chairman Yin Fuwen accompanied Mr.Su to visit the “Employee’s Home” fitness center

Mr.Su visited the reading room of “Employee’s Home”.

Mr.Su pointed out that grass-roots party branches should implement the party’s policies, unite the masses of employees, promote the healthy development of enterprises, and play a pioneering and exemplary role in corporate culture;Trade unions and corporate culture build on each other, interpenetrate, and integrate into each other. It is difficult to cultivate a deep-rooted, cohesive, and broad-based corporate culture system without the role of trade unions.He hoped that the party branch would continue to play the advanced role of party members, and the trade union organizations would take advantage of the position of “building a family” and jointly promote the development of Chesir’s corporate culture in a deep direction.