Leaders’s Visits
Chairman Su Ertian and other leaders visited the production frontline during the festival to console the employees.


classification:Leaders’s Visits

On September 16, chairman Mr. Sultian, deputy general manager Jin Zengqin, and executive deputy general manager Zhou Fangchao, etc. came to the production frontline to guide the work,and visited and consoled the front-line workers who stick to their posts during the holiday and extend their best wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mr.Su went to various workshops, technology research and development laboratories, etc., carefully checked the product quality, equipment management and on-site management status, etc., and got a detailed understanding of product technology and labor organization, production efficiency.

Chairman Su was very pleased when he saw the order of on-site safety and quality management norms and the spirit of the cadres and employees were full,and he asked for strengthening on-site management:

One is to correctly handle the relationship between safety and production, firmly establish the awareness of safety first, put the focus of safety management at the grassroots level, fall on the management personnel of various departments, and effectively strengthen the control of weak time, weak places, weak people;The second is to correctly grasp the relationship between quality and progress, accelerate production progress on the premise of ensuring quality, and achieve scientific, orderly and balanced production.The third is to continue to deepen cost reduction and efficiency, focusing on system cost reduction, technology cost reduction, controller cost reduction, continue to improve innovation and profitability, and optimize salary distribution, so that the results of cost reduction and efficiency benefit the employees to the greatest possible;The fourth is to strengthen the education and training of employees, and further improve the innovation awareness and operation skills of the employees.The fifth is to strengthen teamwork, form a joint work force, continuously enhance the sense of responsibility and honor of the team, and strive to forge a team with strong sense of of responsibility, strong working ability, and strong sense of innovation.

During the holiday, board of directors of Chesir cares for front-line employees.On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jin Zengqin, the deputy general manager of the company, on behalf of the company’s leadership team, sent festive greetings to employees who stayed at their posts;At the rich Mid-Autumn Festival dinner, the employees were happy.