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Salute the strivers | Warmly congratulate GLOBAL NEW MATERIAL INTERNATIONAL and its chairman Su Ertian on winning the “May 1st Labor Award (Medal)” in Liuzhou!


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Recently, the Liuzhou Federation of Trade Unions has announced the winners of the “May 1st Labor Award in 2023”, “May 1st Labor Medal in 2023” and “Liuzhou Worker Pioneer in 2023”. They commended the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals who actively participated in the high-quality development of Liuzhou’s industry and the construction of a modern manufacturing city. GLOBAL NEW MATERIAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED and its chairman Su Ertian were on the list. Among them, GLOBAL NEW MATERIAL INTERNATIONAL won the honorary title of “Liuzhou May 1st Labor Award” in 2023, and Su Ertian won the honorary title of “Liuzhou May 1st Labor Medal” in 2023.

Over the years, GLOBAL NEW MATERIAL INTERNATIONAL has responded positively to the call of the Party and the country, deeply understood the spirit of documents such as the Opinions on Promoting the Development and Growth of Private Economy, deeply practiced the new development philosophy of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing”, adhered to the drive of technological innovation, consolidated production and manufacturing, optimized enterprise operations, and increased investment in production, research and development; As a major unit, the company has participated in the revision of relevant national standards in the industry and steadily promoted the strategic layout of globalization. At present, it has formed a high-quality development trend of high-end, intelligent and green, and has become the leader and vane of the industry. The company has successively won honors such as “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands”, “National Green Factory”, “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, “National Model Workers’ Home”, “Autonomous Region Specialized, Refined, and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”.

Chairman Su Ertian, as the main founder of GLOBAL NEW MATERIAL INTERNATIONAL, has always been unwavering in the main battlefield of real economy construction, successfully pushing the company into a fast lane of innovative, green, and high-quality development. Under his leadership, in 2023, the company successfully acquired CQV, the famous Korean pearlescent material enterprise, and made significant progress and achievements in the research of new energy battery material projects and the construction of the second phase new factory for pearlescent materials, gradually moving towards higher level and higher quality of development goals. Su Ertian demonstrated the new era model worker spirit of “dedication, excellence, innovation, and devotion” through practical actions, effectively interpreting the corporate spirit of “integrity, innovation, initiative, and efficiency”, and vigorously promoting the model worker spirit, labor spirit, and craftsman spirit.

Commendation serves as a spur and honor is transformed into strength. In the future, under the leadership of Su Ertian, GLOBAL NEW MATERIAL INTERNATIONAL will continue to base itself on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new developmental paradigm, promote high-quality development, actively expand the international layout, continuously improve the company’s business performance and core competitiveness, accelerate the building of a global leading enterprise in surface performance materials, and strive to make greater contributions to the local economic and social development, make new contributions to building the magnificent Guangxi of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era! It can contribute to building a modern socialist country in all respects and achieving the second centenary goal!