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Global New Material International obtains another national invention patent


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Recently, the invention patent of “a pearlescent pigment for water-based ink and its preparation method and dispersion device” applied by Global New Material International  was successfully granted by the State Intellectual Property Office.

It is reported that the patent is based on covering the surface of pearlescent pigment oxide layer with colorant layer and multi-functional reinforcing agent layer. The technology effectively solves the problems of easy fading and poor dispersion of pearlescent pigment after adding into water-based ink system. What’s more,this technology enhances the application effect of pearlescent pigment in water-based ink system in order to achieve the effect of reducing cost t enhancing product effect. At the same time, the dispersion device provided by this invention can also solve the problem of agglomeration and flaking in the production process of pearlescent pigment and enhance the dispersibility of pearlescent pigment. Therefore, it can effectively remove the impurity particles in the pearlescent pigment, in order to reduce the labour intensity and improve the production efficiency, etc. At present, the invention has been successfully applied in the production of pearlescent pigment products of the company, which has become a new driving force to help the company achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase and high quality development.

The authorization of this invention patent further strengthens the construction of the international independent intellectual property rights of Global New Material International  and provides continuous force for the company’s technological innovation. In the future, the company will continue to increase the research and development of pearlescent materials, synthetic mica and new energy materials and other fields, and continuously improve the scientific and technological innovation ability and core competitiveness, so as to provide strong technical support for the company’s high-quality development.