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Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global New Material International (Chesir), was awarded as one of the top ten private economic representatives in Liuzhou


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On November 1, the Liuzhou Municipal Non-public Economy Coordinating Leading Group held an award ceremony for Liuzhou’s “Double Top Ten” private enterprises and private economy representatives, recognising and awarding 10 outstanding private entrepreneurs with the “Top Ten Private Economy Representatives The title of “Top Ten Representative Persons of Private Economy” was awarded to 10 outstanding private entrepreneurs. Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Global New Material International (Chesir), was honored as one of the “Top Ten Representative Persons of the Private Economy” in Liuzhou and received the award on stage.

It is understood that Liuzhou City to carry out the “double top ten” private enterprises and private economic representatives selection activities, which aims to vigorously promote the excellent entrepreneurial spirit, and establish a number of private entrepreneurs typical. Some of the outstanding non-public economic people to commend, because they consciously practice the new development concept, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, integrity and law-abiding business, and actively return to society, and in the enterprise technology innovation, product innovation, management innovation, business model innovation and other aspects to make outstanding contributions.

Su Ertian is the founder of Global New Material International. Under his leadership for more than ten years, the company has adhered to the development concept of technology-led and innovation-driven, market-oriented and based on practical work, established a perfect modern enterprise management system, and continuously accelerated technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and business model innovation. As a result, the company’s scientific and technological innovation capability has been continuously transformed into production and formed a rapid and high-quality development trend, developing into the only national high-tech enterprise in China that has mastered the complete core technology of synthetic mica and ranked the first in the global industry in terms of comprehensive strength, as well as the first listed new materials enterprise in Guangxi. The company has been awarded as “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, “Guangxi Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”, “Guangxi Famous Brand Product”, “Most Growth Potential Sultian has also been awarded the titles of “The Fourth Guangxi Outstanding Builder of Socialist Cause with Chinese Characteristics” and “Best Enterprise Leader”.

Su Ertian has always insisted on innovation and development, and has long presided over and participated in the research and development of new pearlescent materials. Over the years, he has led the research staff Chesir to continuously carry out research and development of new products, new processes, new equipment and new technologies, and strive to improve the independent innovation ability of the enterprise. The team has mastered a number of core technologies of synthetic mica and pearlescent materials, and its high-end products which leads in the international arena and fills international gaps. Su Ertian has also personally presided over and participated in a number of national and provincial scientific research projects, and obtained more than ten core invention patents.

In addition to doing better and stronger enterprises, Su Ertian has consciously undertaken social responsibilities and actively responded to the call of the Party Committee and the government to increase employment and protect the environment. He has led the company to actively participate in social welfare undertakings in various forms, including “1,000 enterprises helping 1,000 villages”, “100 enterprises helping 100 villages”, the Guangcai cause, donations to schools, disaster relief and rural revitalisation. The company has been awarded the “Advanced Private Enterprise of Guangxi Precise Poverty Alleviation Action” and the “Liuzhou Red Cross Dedication Award”. Mr. Su Ertian, the chairman of the company, has been awarded the title of “Advanced Individual in the Fight against Poverty in Luzhai County in 2017” and “Advanced Individual in the Fight against Poverty on the United Front in Liuzhou City in 2020”.

This award is a recognition and commendation for Chairman Su Ertian and the best commendation for Global New Material International (Chesir) in the past ten years. The company will make further efforts to live up to the trust and high expectations of the community. At the same time, the company will continue to cultivate new pearlescent materials, synthetic mica and new energy materials, and seize the opportunity to continue to innovate, with a higher mind, a stronger sense of social responsibility, and a longer-term strategic vision to plan the development of enterprises and improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise development. The enterprise will make new and greater contributions to Liuzhou in promoting high-quality development, building a modern manufacturing city and creating a trillion-dollar industrial powerhouse.