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Mr. Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global New Material International, Delivered a Keynote Speech at the 2022 Golden Unicorn Overseas Investment Summit Forum


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On September 23, the 2022 Sina Finance Golden Unicorn Overseas Investment Summit Forum was successfully held, and the theme of this summit was “Grasp the Value Depression and Discuss Overseas Opportunities”. Mr. Su Ertian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global New Material International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 06616.HK,hereinafter referred to as “Global New Material International”), was invited to deliver a speech on the theme of “Discussion on ESG Governance and Opportunities for companies in the Context of Carbon Neutrality”.

The forum was hosted by Sina Finance, with the Securities Daily as the media with strategic cooperation and supported by Hong Kong Chinese Securities Association, Hong Kong Investor Relations Association, Hong Kong China Enterprise Association and other associations. The heavyweight guests from the research field, the exchange and the investment community and a number of senior executives of listed companies gathered at the forum to discuss the opportunities and challenges of overseas investment.

In Su Ertian’s speech, he mentioned that with the setting of China’s 2060 “carbon neutrality” goal and the signing of the Paris Agreement around the world, the ESG concept is gradually becoming the mainstream of future development, and has also become a major issue that companies must pay attention to and face.

In order to implement the concept of ESG, Global New Material International has established an ESG committee led by board members, formulated clear ESG goals and strategies, and established an all-around ESG management system. By 2035, we will increase the proportion of alternatives of clean energy such as renewable bioenergy, further optimize the product mix and energy consumption structure and decrease energy consumption to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the climate, continuously improve the rate of water recycling, and strive to build Global New Material International into a “green, eco-friendly and low-carbon” company.

In order to implement the concept of ESG, Global New Material International not only strives to focus on green development, combines ESG concept with employee development, formulates green procurement management regulations, and focuses on new energy battery research and development and innovation, but also insists on the concept of corporates’ development and social responsibility, and actively fulfills corporates’ social responsibility. On the one hand, driven by scientific and technological innovation, we comprehensively raise the quality standards of pearlescent materials, and create a better experience and the higher value in quality for customers. On the other hand, we care about society, hope to contribute to the society, and consciously assume the responsibility of giving back to the society. We pay attention to targeted poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and public welfare funds, actively participate in public benefit activities, and support those living under the poverty line in the fields of infrastructure construction, employment, education, culture, and poverty alleviation, Mr. Su Ertian mentioned.

Mr. Su Ertian said that Global New Material International strives to become a example for leading the high-quality development and transformation of ESG in the whole industry, always combines the concept of high-quality green sustainable development with the future development strategy, continuously insists on long-term economic value and social responsibility, bears environmental, social and governance responsibilities, and creates more beautiful colors for the world.