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Global New Material International(CHESIR) was Included in the Hang Seng Composite Index


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On the evening of February 18, the Hang Seng Index Company announced the quarterly inspection results for the fourth quarter of 2021. Global New Material International (06616.HK), a star of new materials in Hong Kong stocks, was included in the Hang Seng Composite Index. After the official entry into force on March 7, 2022, Chesir will be included in target stock of the Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Global New Material International is the largest manufacturer of synthetic mica-based pearlescent pigments in China. Chesir’ s inclusion in the Hang Seng Composite Index indicates that the company’s shares have met the criteria for inclusion in the Hong Kong Stock Connect. This means that mainland investors can directly buying or selling Chesir stocks. This fully demonstrates the capital market’s high recognition of Chesir’ s long-term value and potential. For Global New Material International, being included in the Hang Seng Index and target stock of Hong Kong Stock Connect enables the company to further improve the liquidity of the stock, thereby helping the company to broaden the shareholder base and further enhance the investment value and market reputation.

By placing equal emphasis on “internal development and external expansion” and focusing on the concept of “consolidating main business, developing multiple business segments, seeking progress through innovation, and cooperating with others”, the company will comprehensively enhance its scientific research and innovation capabilities, and develop the high-end application of pearlescent materials in automobiles, cosmetics, etc. In doing so, the company can form a new growth point in the field of new energy materials, so that it can bring more beautiful colors to the world and create greater value for customers. Besides, Global New Material International can bring better returns to shareholders and upgrade the pearlescent material industry.