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The new year of the tiger begins with a new journey for Global New Material International (CHESIR)


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At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the start of business is auspicious. On February 8, the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, Global New Material International Holdings Limited held a grand and brief ceremony to kick off its business. Amidst the laughter, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Mr. Su Ertian, together with the leadership team of the company, paid a New Year’s greeting to all the staff, and visited the production workshops and various departments to send sincere New Year greetings and good wishes to all of them!

In a brief but warm speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, Su Ertian encouraged all employees to continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “integrity, innovation, initiative and efficiency”, to unite as one, to collaborate as one, to create new successes and to build new achievements together! He emphasized that in 2022, Global New Material International (CHESIR) will pay equal attention to “endogenous development and exogenous expansion”, pay more attention to “solidifying the main business, diversified development, innovation-driven, and joint construction”, comprehensively improve the research and innovation ability of the enterprise, join hands with like-minded people to explore and perfect the high-end application of pearl material in the direction of automobile and cosmetics, and strive to form new growth points in the field of new energy material. We will carry out the concept of “integrity builds the foundation, professionalism creates value, and innovation forges the future” to the end, and focus on the goal of becoming “the world’s leading surface performance materials enterprise”, with the hard work style of being practical and realistic, and with rational thinking and We will implement the work of this year with rational thinking and quick action. We hope that we will roll up our sleeves and do our best to seize new opportunities, meet new challenges and speed up new development in the fierce market competition, so that we can work hard towards our goals and create a brighter tomorrow together.

After the ceremony, Su Ertian led the company’s leadership team to the production workshops, departments and the second phase of the project site, to send the New Year blessings and start red packets for everyone, wishing everyone a good start in the new year, and encouraging everyone with more enthusiasm, more solid style, more effective measures, to devote themselves to work, to complete the work of the new year a good start, a good step forward, to achieve a good start. Full steam ahead, and strive to achieve the new year “an auspicious start”! Everyone has expressed that they will be based on their posts, take the initiative, work hard, and promote the high-quality development of the company’s business.

In order to ensure the smooth resumption of work and production, the company has coordinated the deployment of epidemic prevention and control and the economic development of the enterprise, and has done a good job in reporting information on the return to work of employees, procurement of epidemic prevention materials, disinfection of office premises and canteens, epidemic prevention and education before the return to work, and asked all employees to do their best to do all the work such as epidemic prevention and control while returning to work, so that the economic development of the enterprise and the epidemic prevention and control work can be grasped with both hands, and the company can run to a better tomorrow with full energy.