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Ten Years of Craftsmanship, Splendid Pearl| The 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of Global New Material International (CHESIR) and the 2021 Annual Meeting Ceremony Were Held Successfully


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Ten years of craftsmanship contributes to brilliant pearlescent pigment industry–CHESIR! The company stays true to its original aspiration and keeps mission firmly in mind. On December 27, 2021, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Global New Material International Holdings Limited(CHESIR) and the 2021 annual meeting ceremony were held in Lotus Villa Hotel in Liuzhou. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. SU Ertian and other company leaders and all the staff, as well as investors, leaders of financial institutions, customers, suppliers and other partners from all over the country gathered together to witness the glorious moment!

Contain “pearls” and “pigment” for more than ten years with rainbow sword drawn to show its sharpness

Mr. SU Ertian dedicates to scientific research for ten years. In his speech, He looked back at the difficult road of the start-up, and looked forward to the beautiful new journey, showing the confidence of development, perseverance of craftsmanship, enthusiasm of struggle, and care for employees. He said, from 2011 to 2021, from a start-up to a Hong Kong-listed company, the company has been chasing the light and moving forward against the headwinds, by sizing up the situation. In this decade, under the leadership of party committees and governments at all levels and with the strong support of all partners, the company has held the flag high and led the high-quality development of the enterprise with the spirit of leading everywhere, becoming one of the largest pearlescent material enterprises in China and the fourth largest pearlescent material enterprise in the world. In the period, the company never stops adhering to the mission of Delivering Good Quality to Customers, Bringing Beautiful Colors to the World. It takes technological innovation as the driving force and management as the grip to constantly launch new products and explore new markets, winning the title of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Guangxi Famous Brand Product, Guangxi Invention Exhibition Gold Award and other honors. Chesir remains the bellwether of the industry, and the benchmark of the industrial development.

In 2021, the company ushered in the highlight moment of its life. On July 16th, Global New Material International was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, officially landing on the stage of international capital market. On September 26th, the “ZJU-CHESIR RESEARCH&DEVELOPMENT CENTER” built in cooperation with Zhejiang University, was officially put into operation, which added a new source of power for the company’s technological innovation. On December 17, the company held a winter press conference of new products with 12 new products of Chinese style launched, which caused a great shock in the same industry.

Finally, SU Ertian said that moving forward, the company will continue to adhere to the mission of Delivering Good Quality to Customers, Bringing Beautiful Colors to the World, accelerate the all-round integration of the company’s operation, technology and culture. It strives to build an internationally renowned pearlescent material enterprise, advancing into a global famous brand.

Ten years of chasing light forward

Today, we are working together to create a great chapter

Hard work comes with ten rounds of spring and autumn changing. The silent struggle and selfless dedication of the company’s leaders and employees have written the glorious poem of Global New Material International. Therefore, it is an essential part of the celebration to commend the meritorious and reward the advanced. Here, Zheng Shizhan, Jin Zengqin and other leaders of the company awarded Service Dedication Award, Professional Excellence Award, Technical Innovation Award, Job Competence Award, Excellent Team Award to those employees and teams who made outstanding contributions. Chairman SU Ertian also personally presented Chairman’s Special Award to Vice President Zhou Fangchao in recognition of his significant contribution to the company’s growth and reform. In addition, he encouraged all the staff to take further innovative steps to make new achievements in the new year.

In the annual gala, the guests enjoyed delicious food and wonderful performances. The programs such as The Rising Sun and Light Chaser sang out the company’s determination to her original aspirations, sailing and moving forward with dreams. The programs such as Dancing with the Light and Ten Years echoed the company’s ten-year development and expressed the gratitude. The company’s staff took to the stage with well-prepared programs for the gala. The programs Initial Dream, My Future Is Not a Dream and Everyday cheer up expressed the responsibility and good wishes of the people for the future development of the company. Along with a burst of applause, the interactive lottery link pushed the atmosphere to the climax. In the anniversary celebration, Su Ertian and other senior leaders of the company cut the cake symbolizing honor and hope, and pressed the “start button” of the new journey.

A long journey to another decade

A new chapter with great ambition

The celebration party enjoyed a warm atmosphere, bringing one climax after another. In the beautiful wish of the song Tomorrow will be better, the 10th anniversary celebration and 2021 annual meeting of Global New Material International (CHESIR) was successfully concluded. The anniversary plays a role as the milestone of the company’s development, representing a new starting point full of pride. All the people in the party will work together to create new value to achieve new glory and write a new chapter!