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Mayor Yang Yi Sent “Lushang Card” to CHESIR


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On the morning of March 31, Luzhai County major Yang Yi led a team to Global New Material International (CHESIR) to carry out the “Enterprise Service Year” activity. He presented a special gift – “Lushang Card” to the company on behalf of the county party committee and the county government. Jin Zengqin, vice president of Global New Material International (CHESIR), accepted this precious gift on behalf of the company.

Yang Yi said: “Lushang Card” is a VIP exclusive customized card for key top ten enterprises. Entrepreneurs holding this card in Luzhai County can enjoy preferential policies in many aspects such as priority handling of corporate business, enjoying educational assistance and medical services, etc. We hoped that Global New Material International will use this “card” as a driving force to boost energy, improve quality and efficiency and accelerate development, thus making greater contributions to creating a new situation of high-quality development in Luzhai County.

Jin Zengqin said that Luzhai County’s business-friendly measures have made the company feel the care and warmth of the party committee and the government. Under the favorable business environment of “thinking about what the company thinks, and being anxious for what the company needs”, Global New Material International will seize opportunities, create first-class competition, and continuously improve the level of production and management, so as to speed up the project process and promote the continuous growth of the company. In this way, CHESIR can make new contributions and create brilliance for promoting the high-quality social and economic development in Luzhai County.

Xu Peng, director of the Luzhai County Government Office, Zhang Yuntian, director of the Bureau of Science, Industry and Trade, Dong Wenta, vice president of Global New Material International, and Bai Zhihuan, deputy general manager of CHESIR, attended the event.