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CHESIR triumphed from China International Coatings Exhibition


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On December 10th, the 25th China International Coatings Exhibition ended successfully in Guangzhou. With its distinctive product features, high-quality technical services, and professional sales system, CHESIR has received a large number of orders and intended customers, and has gained recognition from new and old customers at home and abroad, further highlighting the reputation and image of CHESIR in the industry.

[New products attract customers]

Plant the plane tree, attract the phoenix. CHESIR’s new products with the theme of “Pearlescent Materials Create a Better Life” won high recognition from customers and attracted customers to stop in front of the booth. CHESIR exhibits include automotive weather resistant series products, natural fine-particle pearl powder, China red series products, high-purity highlight series products, powder coating series products. These products are closely related to people’s lives and are used in automobiles, cosmetics, clothing, and children’s toys. , Food and medicine, paper, ceramics and other fields have been widely used. These products have improved people’s quality of life, brought people a colorful world, and won unanimous praise and praise from customers.

[Professional services to enhance customers]

The product is the rudder and the service is the sail. At this exhibition, Professor Fu Jiansheng, a pioneer in China’s pearlescent pigment industry, and Feng Zhongqi, a technical expert who enjoys government subsidies from the State Council, sat at the CHESIR booth to provide customers with professional technical support and explanations to help customers understand and in-depth in multiple dimensions. Pearlescent materials has a further understanding of the pearlescent materials industry and expanded the scope and field of cooperation of CHESIR. The epidemic did not stop the enthusiastic exhibitors and visitors. The customers and visitors who participated in the exhibition were obviously professional and purposeful. After in-depth communication with CHESIR’s technical experts, they clearly expressed their cooperation intention and signed relevant cooperation agreements.

[Dynamic design infects customers]

With its dazzling booth design, CHESIR attracted countless audiences and customers to “check in”. The sense of future and fashion combined with avant-garde elements make the three-dimensional sense of the CHESIR booth vividly and vividly, and it also reflects the inspiration of the seven-color pearl from the inside out, the products and creations are spurting, and the continuous innovation and development of its own conditions; openness and tolerance , The attitude of cooperation accepts every intended customer; the open and transparent booth design also reflects the enthusiasm of CHESIR to “welcome all customers with smiles and make the world more boundless”.

[Hand in hand to win the future together]

At the exhibition, the CHESIR booth received nearly a thousand people. The booth was full of people. Visitors kept stopping to consult pearl products and leave contact information to reach preliminary cooperation intentions; some customers were on the spot after detailed discussions with the sales team and R&D team Place an order to order CHESIR products… The CHESIR booth was full of seats, and the atmosphere on the scene was warm. In addition, after watching the live webcast, many customers place orders to purchase CHESIR products through the Internet or telephone, and more new customers visit the CHESIR factory after reaching a cooperation intention to learn about the production process and procedures of pearlescent effect materials, which deepens both parties. The trust also laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation in the future.


There will be long winds and waves, and the sails will go straight to the sea. Through this exhibition, CHESIR further penetrates into the market and continuously deepens the understanding of customer needs; continuously enriches market knowledge; has a clearer understanding of the pigment and coating industry, which is conducive to CHESIR to have a clearer development direction for its development in 2021 Plan to make a clear deployment. In the future, Seven Color Pearl will continue to penetrate into customers, into the market, and into the industry, polish each product with the spirit of craftsmanship, take every step steadily with the correct market orientation, and implement enterprise development driven by innovative technology; do well, become stronger, and do Large pearlescent effect material products continue to consolidate and enhance industry visibility, and strive to become an industry leader with quality and service.