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Firm confidence, work hard, concentrate on promoting development


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In order to further strengthen corporate management and continuously optimize production and operation indicators, CHESIR will hold the first quarter of 2020 business meeting in the meeting room on the sixth floor of the company headquarters from May 7 to 8. The meeting listened to reports on the production and operation of the company’s various departments in the first quarter, summarized and analyzed the production and operation situation in the first quarter and current problems, and conducted research and deployment for the next phase. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Su Ertian, and the company’s senior management and relevant department leaders attended the meeting.

Chairman Su Ertian first pointed out that in the first quarter of this year, with the joint efforts of all departments of the company, the overall situation of CHESIR is good, the production and operation are growing steadily, the construction of the second phase project is progressing in an orderly manner, the internal management is continuously standardized, and it has entered a healthy development. track. Not only did the tasks for the first quarter be completed well, but also laid a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the goals and tasks for the whole year.

We must face difficulties and overcome difficulties, turn crises into opportunities and seek development in the face of major changes in the global economy, which is unprecedented in a century, coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, develop enterprises, build a good ecosystem, control risks, and focus on hobbies. Employees, promote the development of the enterprise to a new level. In order to fully reduce the impact of the epidemic and seize new opportunities in the epidemic, Chairman Su Ertian focused on the following three aspects of work:

Build an ecological cultural enterprise. Resolutely practice the construction of seven-color pearlescent ecological culture, advocate the value concept of heroes based on performance, be proud of struggling, let young talents stand out, let old comrades do something, and earnestly maintain the “seven-color pearlescent good ecology” .

Strengthen management and make up for shortcomings. Further strengthen management, move the company’s headquarters management focus forward, tilt resources to “market” and “site”, do a good job of “dual services” and “value-added services”, seize opportunities to expand the market, accurately complement management shortcomings, and realize the company Maximize benefits.

The task is broken down and implemented at various levels. Focusing on the company’s main line of “seizing opportunities, ensuring benefits, ensuring safety, and strengthening innovation” and the annual main task decomposition plan, do a good job in the decomposition of the company’s various tasks, vigorously promote the implementation of work, and ensure that 2020 is completed with responsibility, progress and tangible results Years of work.

At the same time, he also emphasized that company executives and department heads form the core team of company management. In the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, development acceleration, and management efficiency, it is necessary to be a good decision maker and a good executive. The first is to continuously improve the four abilities of learning, communication, execution and innovation; the second is to forge the three qualities of broad-mindedness, hard work, hard work, and honesty; the third is to improve planning thinking, leveraging thinking, review thinking, and active thinking Four major thinking, leading the high-quality development of enterprises.

At the meeting, other company leaders and department heads reported on market operation, production, procurement, quality management, innovation, and safety. In order to further solve the problems, the company will also form a list of problems to solve various problems one by one in a list type and index, and strongly promote the next stage of work.