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Liu Zhongfan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Peking University, came to Chesir  to guide the development of new materials


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On November 11, Liu Zhongfan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Peking University, led a team of graphene researchers. Accompanied by Party Secretary of the Autonomous Region Association of Science and Technology, Vice Chairman Na Xiang, Vice Mayor of Liuzhou He Huanquan, Vice Chairman of Autonomous Region Association of Science and Technology Liang Chunhua, and Secretary of Luzhai County Party Committee Liu Shengyou Came to Chesir to visit and guide and make in-depth exchanges with the company’s R & D team. Chesir Chairman and General Manager Mr. Su Ertian, Vice General Manager Mr. Zhou Fangchao, Mr. Yang Lunquan, Director of Synthetic Mica Research Institute, Professor Yang Haitao, Director of Chesir New Materials R & D Center, and Dr. Pan Cheng accompanied the investigation.

Academician Liu Zhongfan and the team came to the company’s exhibition hall to visit the product display. Mr. Su introduced Mr. Liu about the performance, manufacturing process, application field and a series of innovative achievements made by the company in the field of pearl materials, also the current situation of the application of the combination of graphene and pearl materials in the “Chesir New Materials R & D Center” jointly established by Chesir and Hubei University of Technology. Mr. Liu Zhongfan personally experienced the performance and application effects of the company’s pearl materials series products, and highly appreciated the achievements made by Chesir continuous innovation and development of the pearl material product system, breaking the international technical blockade and product monopoly.

During the visit, Professor Yang Haitao, on behalf of Chesir New Materials R & D Center, asked Mr. Liu Zhongfan about the problems encountered in the current graphene project research .Mr. Liu Zhongfan patiently answered for everyone, shared his scientific research experience and experience in the graphene industry, and put forward valuable suggestions on the combination of graphene and pearl materials and future development directions. Mr. Liu Zhongfan said: “Everywhere I go I am used to finding out if there is a point that can be combined with graphene. Pearl materials and graphene are both new materials and have unparalleled characteristics in their respective industries. The combination of the two has immeasurable development prospects. In the future, the two sides can carry out in-depth cooperation in pearl materials and graphene applications. “

Mr. Su Ertian said that Chesir has the largest domestic research and development team of pearl material technology and is equipped with advanced hardware facilities. It has been committed to the application research of new materials for many years, and has specially formed graphene application research led by many doctors The team has conducted research in the field of graphene for more than 3 years. At present, the company is conducting in-depth research on the combination of pearl materials and graphene applications. The project research has achieved phased results, and a series of new products with market demand development prospects are about to be launched. This time, Mr. Liu Zhongfan’s visit and guidance have benefited everyone, and played an important guiding role in promoting the company’s pearl material and graphene application combination project. I hope that in the future, Mr. Liu Zhongfan will be able to receive further guidance and in-depth cooperation. Next, Chesir will continue to give full play to its own R & D advantages, and strive to obtain R & D results in graphene applications as soon as possible according to the established R & D plan, and effectively promote the development of the company.

Mr. Liu Zhongfan is a well-known physical chemist in China, a doctoral tutor and professor at Peking University. He has been engaged in the research of graphene materials for a long time. He is an internationally renowned expert in the field of nanocarbon materials and a leader in China’s nanocarbon materials research. He has won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award, the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Science and Technology Award of Colleges and Universities, and the AkzoNobel Chemistry Prize of the Chinese Chemical Society.