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Autonomous Region “Stable Growth” Inspection Working Group Visits Chesir for Investigation and Guidance


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On November 11, Luo Haishan, the chief accountant of the Finance Department of the Autonomous Region, led the Autonomous Region’s “steady growth” supervision working group and led a team of investigators at Liuzhou Development and Reform Commission Teng Dinglian, deputy director of Liuzhou Industry and Information Commission Jin Yu, Luzhai County Standing Committee member, Accompanied by the leader of the county, Ma Yaozhou came to Chesir to investigate the production and operation of the company. Chesir Vice Chairman Mr. Zheng Shizhan, Vice General Manager Jin Zengqin, and Board Secretary Lu Lingzhi accompanied the investigation.

The research team first visited Chesir’s product application exhibition hall and learned in detail about the production process, scientific and technological research and development, and the production and operation of the enterprise. Mr. Jin Zengqin introduced to the research team that Chesir is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of pearl materials. At present, it has been established as a well-known enterprise in Asia that is “leading in scale and eco-friendly. Since its establishment six years ago, the company has taken advantage of leading development platforms, advanced process technology, rich market experience and scientific management models to obtain huge advantages in terms of manpower, management, capital, and corporate brand, and its business network has spread all over the world. Since the beginning of this year, based on the increase of production capacity and the adjustment of the product structure towards the mid-to-high end, the company’s operating performance has always maintained a steady growth momentum. While continuing its own development, it has also contributed to promoting local economic development.

Subsequently, Mr. Jin Zengqin led the research team also went into the production workshop and inspected the implementation of the company’s intelligent production line transformation and the construction of environmental protection facilities. Currently, Chesir is accelerating the realization of the goal of continuous production. Through a series of transformation work, the intelligent transformation of the company’s production line has achieved remarkable results, significantly improved production efficiency, effectively reduced production costs, and significantly improved product quality. While ensuring production, the company has always adhered to the “green, environmentally friendly” business philosophy, invested heavily in the construction of advanced sewage treatment systems, exhaust gas treatment systems, environmental protection wetland systems, and strictly in accordance with national environmental protection standards for production.

Chief Accountant Luo Haishan spoke highly of the company’s sound corporate development. He said that under the current economic downturn environment, Chesir can go up against the current and is an excellent enterprise with competitive strength. The company has not only achieved remarkable results in innovation and development, but also highly integrated corporate goals and environmental protection concepts, and has truly contributed to the realization of sustainable economic development. It has broad development prospects in the future. At the same time, he also encouraged Chesir to continue to innovate and continue to develop innovative ideas to achieve greater breakthroughs in corporate development.