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Li Yaoqing, Chairman of Liuzhou Financial Investment Group, visited Chesir for research and guidance


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The chairman of Liuzhou Financial Investment Group and the chairman of Liuzhou Bank, Li Yaoqing, led the head of Liuzhou Bank Luzhai Sub-branch Yin Chunqing and other leaders to Chesir to go d into the workshop production line and investigate the production and operation of Chesir in the first half of 2017. Chesir Chairman Su Ertian, General Manager Zheng Shizhan accompanied the investigation.

Mr. Li Yaoqing first came to the synthetic mica workshop to understand the production of synthetic mica, watch the process of artificial synthetic mica being released and understand the processing of synthetic mica products. Subsequently, Mr. Li Yaoqing also came to the hydrolysis workshop and the pearlescent calcination workshop to check the progress of the company’s intelligent transformation project. When he heard that the company’s intelligent transformation project significantly increased production capacity, saved costs, and significantly improved product quality, Mr. Li Yaoqing expressed high praise.

In the company’s product application exhibition hall, Mr. Li Yaoqing fully understood the application of pearl materials in cosmetics, automobiles, rubber and other fields and the core technology of Chesir; and experienced the application effect of pearl materials on cosmetics on site. Mr. Su Ertian reported in detail to Mr. Li Yaoqing’s market development in the first half of this year and the business plan in the second half of the year. After listening to the report, Mr. Li Yaoqing expressed his satisfaction with the rapid growth of Chesir’s business performance under the current economic situation and full confidence in the company’s development prospects.

At the end of the investigation, Mr. Li Yaoqing said that Chesir has developed very fast in recent years. Compared with when he visited the company two years ago, the workshop scene now shows a busy production scene. The factory management is very standardized and a modern pearl. The material factory has been built, and he was very shocked. Liuzhou Financial Investment Group and Liuzhou Bank should vigorously support technology-based entities such as Chesir.

For a long time, Liuzhou Bank has worked closely with Chesir. On the basis of continuing the traditional business, it has innovated a cooperation model and supported Chesir’s development in a comprehensive manner through various forms, effectively meeting the company’s rapid development of capital and business development needs. Especially since 2016, for Chesir’s import and export business, Liuzhou Bank has opened a green settlement channel for international business for Chesir, optimizing the approval process for various capital transactions, which has brought great convenience to the company’s international market

Since the establishment of Chesir more than five years ago, with the support of financial institutions such as Liuzhou Bank and Guangxi Rural Credit Cooperative, the company’s development has shown a good situation. The world’s leading pearl production material plant with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons and a synthetic mica plant with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons have been built. The company’s operating income in 2016 was 126 million yuan. Since 2017, the sales growth momentum has not decreased, and the performance growth rate is significantly higher than the industry average. With the completion of the company’s intelligent transformation, the company’s production capacity in the second half of the year will be further improved, the market’s shortage of supply will be further alleviated, and sales performance will continue to double continuously.