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Chen Ning, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce, went to Chesir to conduct research and guidance


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On July 20, Chen Ning, vice chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the team, accompanied by Mo Yuhe, chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, went to Chesir to carry out research activities. Mr. Sultian, Chairman of Chesir, and Zheng Shizhan, Vice Chairman and General Manager accompanied the investigation.

During the visit to the exhibition hall, Mr. Su Ertian introduced to Mr. Chen Ning that Chesir has actively explored domestic and foreign markets in recent years, and achieved remarkable business development. In the domestic market, sales performance has grown rapidly; major breakthroughs have been made in foreign markets. Last year, a wholly-owned subsidiary, CHESIR EUROPE SAS, was established in Toulouse, France. Chief scientist Dr. Xavier serves as the company’s general manager. Toulouse, as the center of French manufacturing and the second largest university city, provides an excellent geographical environment for the rapid development of Chesir overseas markets, as well as a steady stream of talent and technical support for the scientific innovation of pearlescent materials. Mr. Chen Ning is particularly concerned about this. To be honest, Toulouse to France is equivalent to Liuzhou to Guangxi. He appreciates Chesir ’s unique location and strategic vision.

Subsequently, Mr. Chen Ning conducted field visits to business schools, party building gardens, and staff homes, and learned in detail about Chesir’s party building and corporate culture construction work. Party building work is outstanding. Mr. Su Ertian said that Chesir has always insisted on combining party building work with corporate culture building, guided by the party’s guiding ideology, and regularly holding “three meetings and one lesson”, strengthening party and group pairing and assistance activities, and paying close attention to party members Study and education, and play an exemplary role to improve the ideological and political consciousness of all staffs of the company, while actively promoting the development of the company, and shouldering the social responsibilities that the company should fulfill.

At the symposium, Mr. Chen Ning pointed out that Chesir’s development achievements are gratifying, with a large number of high-end talents and advanced research and development technology, the government will increase support to promote better development of enterprises. Mr. Su Ertian said frankly that it is not easy for an enterprise to grow bigger and stronger. Enterprises like people, ingenuity, and the development of seven-color pearl can achieve today’s achievements. It is the result of the joint efforts of all Chesir people to adhere to the spirit of ingenuity. Social and economic development contributes its own strength.