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“Chesir” Cup Competition of Liuzhou Chess Association was grandly held


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On July 8th, in order to further enrich the cultural life of staffs, create a good cultural atmosphere of Chesir, and promote friendly exchanges among chess lovers, the labor union of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. and Liuzhou Chess Association jointly organized this “Chesir” Cup chess friendly. A total of 22 chess fans, including Meng Guangyuan, vice chairman of Luzhai County CPPCC, Hu Xinming, political commissar of Luzhai County Public Security Bureau, and Su Ertian, chairman of Chesir, participated.

Before the game, Li Guoan, the chairman of the Liuzhou Chess Association, and Mr. Su Ertian, gave enthusiastic opening speeches. With the official opening of the game prologue, the players fought wisely, raised their hands to show off their superior chess skills, and the game scene was extremely enthusiastic. After five rounds of fierce fighting, the top six players were finally contested. Among them, Mr. Su Ertian won the third place with his superb chess skills. In a cheer of laughter, the “Chesir” Cup chess friendly ended successfully.

The successful holding of this event provided a platform for chess enthusiasts to showcase themselves, strengthened the communication and contact between players, let everyone appreciate the charm and style of Chinese chess, and also effectively enhanced the vitality of the enterprise. Add a dazzling sum to Chesir’s corporate culture construction!

As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Su Ertian has not only made brilliant achievements in his career, but has also been committed to promoting China’s excellent traditional culture, and has repeatedly promoted and spreaded traditional culture by providing sponsorships and hosting events. In 2011, it invested more than 300,000 yuan to host the “Hongzun Cup” Nie Weiping and Ma Xiaochun Go tournament in the name of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce; in 2015, sponsored the “Guoan · Chesir Cup” third China Liuzhou Chess Grand Prix; Chesir “Cup. In the future, under the leadership of Mr. Su Ertian, Chesir will also strive to become an advocate and practitioner of China’s excellent traditional culture and contribute its own strength to the development of Chinese cultural undertakings!