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“Safe Production Month” Chesir in action


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In order to further grasp the on-site safety production management and ensure the implementation of the annual safety production target, on June 14, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. conducted a major production safety inspection of production workshops and public facilities.

The inspection team led by General Manager Zheng Shizhan conducted a comprehensive inspection of the synthetic mica workshop, the pearlescent production workshop, the office building, the dormitory building, and the public area. Focus on inspection.

During the inspection, Mr. Zheng Shizhan pointed out that June is a “safe production month”, hoping that every staff of the company will seize the opportunity of the safe production month to strengthen learning, improve safety production awareness, and improve the company’s overall safety prevention and control capabilities. To the “three musts”-one is to improve ideological understanding and firmly adhere to the safety red line; the second is to consolidate work responsibilities and strictly adhere to the bottom line of safe production; the third is to strengthen work measures to further improve supervision capabilities and continuously improve the level of safety production management .

Safety inspection is a means to discover the risk factors, and safety rectification is to take measures to eliminate the risk factors and eliminate accidents and common diseases before the accident to ensure safe production. In the spirit of being highly responsible for the safety of production and the safety and health of the vast number of employees, the inspection team earnestly implements the principle of “inspection and rectification”, so as to ensure that all the problems that are inspected are well-documented and accountable.