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Chesir cosmetic-grade innovative products shine at London Cosmetics Fair


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From April 4th to 6th, the biennial global cosmetics event-London Cosmetics Exhibition (Incosnetics 2017) was held in London, England. Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. unveiled a series of new products such as ChesMatt, ChesSpher, etc., which attracted the attention of internationally renowned cosmetics companies such as Japan NKK, UK Univar, and Italy Eurosyn.

Chesir has a strong R & D team led by Professor Fu Jiansheng, an internationally renowned pearlescent material expert, and a professional cosmetic-grade product production line. It follows the international standard quality management system and strictly controls product quality.

For many years, Chesir has been conducting research and innovation in cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments and has accumulated rich experience. Through the innovative research and development of Chesir team, the superior performance of the series of products such as ChesMatt and ChesSpher has attracted wide attention from customers-high temperature resistance, stable color, low heavy metal content, good skin feel, strong dispersion, ultraviolet absorption and other characteristics , Significantly better than similar products in the industry, attracting many internationally renowned cosmetics companies and distributors.

Among more than 2,800 exhibitors, Chesir’s innovative products stand out among many products. Many merchants and Chesir launched in-depth cooperation and negotiated, and put forward personalized customized solutions based on the characteristics of their products.

About Chesir – Chesir is committed to becoming a global cosmetics grade pearl materials manufacturing expert and innovative brand. In 2016, Chesir established a European subsidiary (Chesir Europe S.A.S.) in France. Chesir European subsidiaries make full use of the advantages of European technical talents, not only to market and promote products, but also as a Chesir overseas R & D center, develop high-end cosmetic-specific pearl materials, lead the color fashion trend, and provide users with personalized color solutions .