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Focus on European Coatings Show: Chesir develops products to open up new areas of application


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Automobile series, anti-yellowing series, synthetic large particle size series … At the 2017 European Coatings Show, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. (booth number: 4A-128) brought a series of innovative products and personalized customization services to Users bring innovative application solutions.

On April 4, 2017, the biennial 2017 European Coatings Show was grandly opened in Nuremberg, Germany. The largest exhibition in the coatings industry attracted exhibitors from more than 50 countries around the world. With the development of industry competition, the focus of international buyers is on product innovation, Chesir has become the focus of the exhibition.

As an innovative brand of pearl materials in the world, Chesir has a strong R & D team led by internationally renowned pearl materials expert Professor Fu Jiansheng and leading manufacturing capacity, and is committed to becoming a competitive enterprise of high-end pearlescent materials. This exhibition, Chesir brought 7 series of new products, and focused on showing Chesir’s innovative products in automotive coatings and industrial coatings.

Since the exhibition two days ago, Chesir has attracted the attention of customers from various countries. Buyers from Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries have expressed a clear intention to cooperate with Chesir’s ChesCrystal series products, new large-diameter products, and ultra-fine particle products Customized R & D negotiations for respective needs

The exhibition time is from April 4th to 6th. At present, the innovative series of products are still being displayed.