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Chesir’s chairman Su Ertian attended the first meeting of the 14th People’s Congress of Liuzhou Municipal and made positive suggestions.


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From October 11th to 13th, the first meeting of the 14th People’s Congress of Liuzhou Municipal was held in the Auditorium of Wenchang Convention Center. Su Ertian, chairman of Guangxi Chesir Pearl Materials Co., Ltd., attended the conference as a representative of the National People’s Congress and fulfilled the sacred duties entrusted by the onstitution and laws.

Wu Wei,the Executive Chairman of the presidium of the conference and Mayor of the Bureau of the Congress, made a “Government Work Report” to the conference on behalf of the Municipal Government, reviewed the work of our city in the past five years, introduced the development goals of our city in the next five years, and put forward our work recommendations in the next five years.Mr.Su believes that under the complicated economic situation at home and abroad, the development results achieved by Liuzhou in the past five years have not come easily.There are two highlights in this report that deserve attention: One is the guideline of ”focusing on improving the development of modern service industry, implementing the ten major projects of service industry development, and building a regional industrial financial service center,forming a modern service industry system with close industrial links, upstream and downstream coordination, and a reasonable structure. By 2020, the value added of the service industry will account for 40% of the regional GDP”.

The second is that“promoting deepening reforms in an all-round way, focusing on promoting reforms in the administrative system, state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, rural property rights system, household registration system and market system, new urbanization investment and financing mechanisms, fiscal and taxation systems and other fields, and accelerating the construction of a modern financial service system, encouraging, supporting, and guiding the non-public economy to accelerate development ”has innovated the reform model in the economic field.Among them, subsidies for loan discounts for technological transformation projects are of positive significance for encouraging and supporting the development of the non-public economy.

In response to the current problems, Mr.Su made two suggestions:First, he hoped that the “the Academy of Science and Academy of Engineering” would strengthen law enforcement supervision;Second, He hoped that the government would focus on the issue of talents, and effectively promote the introduction, cultivation and retention of talents.

Mr. Su said that in 2016,Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material CO.,Ltd. should be driven by innovation, and strive to enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises and optimize product quality. And actively integrate into the national“Belt and Road”strategy, accelerate the construction of pearlescent materials industry chain, further expand the industry development space, and accelerate the second-step strategic planning of Chesir so that further highlight the industry’s leading advantages and achieve new sustained and stable development.