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Chesir was listed as an autonomous region-level standardized good behavior pilot enterprise.


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In order to implement the requirements of the People ’s Government of the Autonomous Region to deepen the reform of standardization work, further promote the implementation of the standardization strategy and give full play to the “standardization +” effect in the industrial field,after strict examination and confirmation by experts, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau issued a notice a few days ago and listed three enterprises including Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. as the autonomous region-level standardized good conduct pilot enterprises in 2016.The pilot period is from the date of publication to September 2017.

“Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise” refers to the requirements of GB / T15496, GB / T15497, GB / T15498 and GB / T19273 series of national standards,use standardized principles or methods to establish and improve an enterprise standard system with technical standards as the theme, including management standards and work standards, and operate effectively;And enterprises that have implemented standardized management in production, operation and management and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

As a pilot enterprise for standardizing good behavior in the autonomous region, Chesir will be based on the needs of company management and production development,based on the principle of seeking truth from facts and focusing on actual results,in accordance with the “Enterprise Standardization System” series of national standards, establish the company’s standard system and effectively implement.At the same time, the company will seize the favorable conditions of being listed as an autonomous region-level standardized good behavior pilot enterprise,actively adapt to the new normal of economic development, continuously improve and perfect the standard system, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of technical standards, adhere to technological innovation, increase the research and development of new products, and promote the new development of the pearlescent pigment industry.