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Chesir held “Safety Production Oath Ceremony”


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On the morning of September 10, Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. solemnly held the “Safety Production Oath Ceremony”, and all employees solemnly promised to put safety issues at the top of production.

I promise to strictly abide by national laws and regulations and the company ’s safety rules and regulations, actively participate in the safety activities organized by the company, and firmly establish the ideas of safety first, prevention first’.Earnestly perform job safety and responsibilities, do our utmost to guard against all kinds of safety accidents …”Employees solemnly made safety commitments.

Afterwards, the safety oath signing ceremony began.

The holding of the safety production oath ceremony is an important measure for Chesir to implement the 2016 safety production goals.Chesir insists on managing enterprises and public security according to law, strengthens the consciousness of “red line”, and firmly establishes the concept of “people-oriented and safe development”;Party and government work groups combine pay attention to safety education and training of all employees,by carrying out publicity activities with new forms, rich contents, outstanding effects and full participation of all staff,further implement the responsibility of the main body of safety production, spread safety culture, popularize safety knowledge, improve safety literacy, strengthen problem orientation, and regulate safety behavior.