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Chesir was awarded the Enterprise Technology Center of the Autonomous Region


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Recently, the Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Commission, the District Science and Technology Department, and others jointly announced the list of newly recognized enterprises’ technology centers in 2015,Chesir Pearl Enterprise Technology Center was identified as the Autonomous Region Enterprise Technology Center.

Scientific and technological innovation is the “soul” of the development of Chesir.The evaluation of the autonomous region-level enterprise technology center this time marks that Chesir’s technology research and development strength ranks in the autonomous region’s leading level.

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it established the development strategy of “based on China and leading the world” .Driven by technological innovation, the company invested heavily in building an industry-leading “National Pearlescent Effect Materials R & D Center”.Chesir build it with the high requirements and strict standards of the national enterprise technology center, and strive to become the benchmark of the domestic industry.The R&D center has product research and development center, equipment research and development center, application test center, smart office center, academic center, business center, post-doctoral research workstation, new product technology exhibition halls, etc.The technology center is responsible for the research and development of new products, new processes, new equipment, new materials, product quality testing, scientific research personnel training, and decision-making consultation.It will become the contact and information sharing window of Chesir’s foreign scientific and technological cooperation.

At present, the key technologies of pearlescent pigments for conventional industrial grade, cosmetic grade, automotive grade, and special effect material grade exclusively mastered by Chesir have shown obvious advantages in product quality.

Over the past three years, the technology research and development team has continued to innovate,and breakthroughs have been made in synthetic mica, flake alumina and its pearlescent pigments, multilayer color-changing pearlescent pigments, etc.In 2014, Chesir was recognized Liuzhou Enterprise Technology Center.In June this year, the synthetic mica implementation plan was successfully approved as a key support project under the guidance of “Made in China 2025”.In August, the Chesir Pearlescent Enterprise Technology Center was named the Autonomous Region Enterprise Technology Center.

While achieving various scientific research and innovation results, the company has formed a team of scientific and technological talents with outstanding innovation ability and strong business ambition.In the next stage, Chesir will continue to vigorously promote scientific research and innovation with the goal of building a national enterprise technology centers——Establish a sound intellectual property management system and continuously improve the performance of technological innovation;With a sound management mechanism, give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific researchers, and constantly enrich the talent team;With the concept of a win-win situation for multiple parties, we continue to carry out the “industry-university-research” cooperation and actively promote the transformation of scientific research results, thereby driving the development of the entire industry.