Development History

Strongly supported by governments at all levels and benefiting from the supporting policies for strategic emerging industry, Chesir continuously makes progress since its foundation and has now developed into a leading enterprise of the strategic emerging industry which possesses advanced synthetic mica technology, intelligent manufacturing systems, a research and development center internationally connected and marketing nets distributed all over the world.

Mar., 2011 —— Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co.,Ltd was established by Mr. Su Ertian

Mar., 2012 —— Listed in the Twelfth“Five-Year ” Key Construction Projects of Liuzhou City

Apr., 2012 —— Chesir Scholarship Fund was set up in Guangxi University

Oct., 2013 —— Chesir’s wholly-owned subsidiary “Shanghai MulticolorPearl Effect Material Co., Ltd” was established

Dec., 2013 —— Chesir Modern Manufacture base was completed and officially started its operation

Mar., 2014 —— Project of annual output of 5,000 tons synthetic micastarted

Mar., 2014 —— Chesir was authenticated by GB/ T 19001-2008/ ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

Apr., 2014 —— Chesir co-established a “Postdoctoral Center”with Peking University

Jun., 2014 —— Chesir pearlescent pigment went on sale on the market

Jul.,  2014 —— Chesir Business School was established

Aug., 2014 —— Chesir finished its stockholding reform and transformed into “Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd.” with limited shares

Oct., 2014 —— Chesir was authorized as a state-level high-tech enterprise

Nov.,2014 —— Chesir was authorized as the “Enterprise Technology Center” of Liuzhou city

Dec., 2014 —— Chesir was authorized as “PearlescentPigment Engineering Research Center” of Liuzhou city

Feb., 2015 —— Chesir was listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations of China

Aug., 2015 —— Chesir was rated as a model for Guangxi Private Enterprise Cultural Construction

Aug., 2015 —— Chesir was authorized as a provincial “Enterprise Technology Center”

Aug., 2015 —— Chesir was awarded with the  “Technical Innovation Award”